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Fly control for an insect-free home environment

Tired of the buzzing? We will help you forget about the pesky flies!

  • Using industry-grade methods and equipment
  • Professionally trained and licensed technicians
  • Safe pest treatment with guaranteed results
  • Available 7 days a week, including on public holidays
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Fighting a fly infestation with us is easy

1. Request your service online

Schedule your fly control appointment via our online booking form! We also offer same-day availability!

2. Meet the fly control expert

Upon arrival, the pest control technician will inspect your property and decide on the most suitable approach.

3. Employing an effective treatment

To make sure all flies have been eliminated, the professional will deal with the infestation, using first-class equipment!

4. Enjoy a fly-free home

Once every trace of the fly infestation has been erased, you can enjoy your now healthier home environment!

What are the signs indicating a fly infestation

While spotting a fly or two in your home doesn’t immediately signal a pest infestation, if flies have become a permanent sight, then you might be right to worry. To be certain that the presence of flies is turning into a problem, here is our checklist of signs, indicating a fly infestation:

  • Clusters of flies: You may find them close to light and food sources, such as light fixtures, rubbish bins and food kept out in the open.
  • Buzzing sound: Even if the flies are not many and you can’t see them all the time, you will be able to hear their constant buzzing around the house.
  • Eggs and maggots: Those indicate a potential breeding ground in your property and are usually seen in proximity to waste and deteriorating food.
  • Fly faeces They look like dark spots, the size of pinheads, typically found in clusters on shelves, wall surfaces, inside light fittings, sub-floor cavities or generally in places that are difficult to clean.
  • Now that you know what the fly infestation signs are, have a look around the house and call us if you notice any of them.

pest control technician inspecting surfaces for insects

What to expect from our professional fly control

The Fantastic pest control specialists are professionally trained, always ready to help and work with attention to every detail. To answer all your individual needs, each pest removal project undergoes property inspection and infestation evaluation before the technician starts the work. Below you can check what our pest control service includes in more detail:

Site survey

Upon arrival, your assigned fly control technician will inspect your property to assess the situation. They will determine the fly species and locate the source of the infestation, then decide on how to proceed. Please, note that before the technician’s work commences, you will need to vacuum all affected areas, and should you have pets, remove them from the property.

Fly treatment

The professional will treat your home by spraying all affected areas and possible breeding grounds, whether indoors or outdoors, with a powerful insecticide solution. Alternatively, the specialist can choose to use a professional fog machine. Both techniques are safe and have proven to be highly effective in the fight against flies.

Property monitoring

Depending on the service you have booked, you can request up to two follow-up visits in the 3 months following the initial treatment. Then, the technician will return to inspect your property, check for any remaining flies and ensure the applied treatment is showing results

Prevention tips

In the end, the fly control specialist will provide you with a service report. They will also advise you on the possible factors that might have caused the infestation and what preventative measures you can take to avoid the problem from recurring in the future.

What you get with our fly control service

  • Vetted and certified experts
  • All pest control technicians are fully trained and licensed, and undergo regular monitoring and quality control checks.

  • Professional equipment
  • We work with specialised first-class equipment only and always use safe pest control methods.

  • Treatment of all kinds of flies
  • No matter whether you are dealing with regular house flies, bluebottle flies or fruit flies, we can help you!

  • No more nuisance
  • By ensuring the complete removal of the fly infestation in one visit, we save you time and guarantee you peace of mind.

  • Commercial pest control
  • If your office has become a breeding ground for flies, don’t worry, as we serve commercial premises, as well.

Pest controller spraying in bedroom

Extra pest control services in Australia you can benefit from

Fantastic Services has experience in the treatment of various types of pests, from winged and crawling insects to birds and wildlife intruders, we can help you rid your home of any type of infestation. Whether you need help with fumigation, pigeon control or wasp removal, the professional pest control technicians know how to approach every task appropriately and deliver the most optimal result.

Q: Do flies spread diseases?
A: Flies are known to carry many diseases, 65 of which can be transmitted to people, either through food contamination or bites, such as cholera, typhoid fever, yaws, dysentery, anthrax, tularemia, leprosy and tuberculosis.
Q: Does a fly landing on food pose health hazards?
A: Since flies can't directly bite and chew food, they release special digestive enzymes to soften the food before they can feed on it. In the process, however, they can easily contaminate your food with harmful bacteria.
Q: Why do files disappear in winter?
A: During the colder months, some flies take shelter in warm, hidden areas, where they hunker down to preserve heat, while others lay their eggs in autumn and then die.
Q: What is the best way to get rid of flies?
A: One of the best techniques to rid your home of flies is to use homemade flypaper strips. All you will need is some paper, a ½ cup of corn syrup and ¼ cup of sugar. Also, you can use lavender oil or cloves combined with lemon as a fly repellent.
Do you offer any special discounts?
Yes, we do! You can benefit from reduced rates, and many more perks, like premium booking slots and credits towards future services, once you join our Fantastic Club!
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