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Guaranteed Service for Washing Machine and Dryer Repairs in Melbourne

The comfortable and secure way to get your faulty washing machine or dryer fixed.

  • Expert washing machine repair for all makes and models.
  • Qualified local technicians will diagnose and remedy your washer or dryer problems.
  • Parts can be sourced for all brands of appliances, including older models.
  • Repairs are covered by a one year guarantee.
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How It Works

1. Call or get in touch online to find out about our prices and arrange an appointment time that suits you

2. Your local repairman will arrive in a branded vehicle and be wearing a company uniform

3. The technician will find the fault and, whenever possible, fix it there and then

4. If parts need to be ordered, you'll be told when they will arrive and can arrange the return visit at your convenience

washing machine/dryer repairs

A Washing Machine Service For All Makes and Models

While it's fair to say that any appliance will eventually reach the end of its useful lifespan, that end is often further down the line than people imagine. Many repairs are relatively simple when undertaken by a qualified and experienced technician. So it's almost always more cost-effective - and certainly more environmentally-friendly - to extend the life of your current machine rather than disposing of it and buying a new one.

When your repairman arrives, he'll ask you for a description of the problem. Based on this, they will assess the most likely cause. Your description of precisely what's happening helps the technician to focus on the most likely problem and saves time when it comes to diagnosing the fault.

Common issues with washing machines can be electrical or mechanical. Problems your repairman can resolve include:

  1. The washing machine failing to fill with water
  2. Refusing to start
  3. Being noisy in operation
  4. Stopping part of the way through the cycle
  5. Water not getting up to temperature or overheating
  6. Not spinning evenly or not spinning at all
  7. Failing to get clothes clean or clothes not coming out as dry as expected
  8. Laundry items being damaged or stained during the wash
  9. Washing machines that leak or fail to drain at the end of the cycle

When it comes to dryers, common problems include failing to start, overheating or not getting hot. Sometimes the drum can refuse to turn or be noisy in operation. Even small leaks or unpleasant odours can be a sign that all is not as it should be.

Many people these days opt for a washer/dryer combo appliance. Having one of the features work, but not the other is especially frustrating. However, there's no need to get overly worried. Whatever sort of appliance or appliances you have, and regardless of whether you're experiencing one of the problems described above or something else, expert help is right at hand.

What's Included in Fantastic Services' Washing Machines Repairs in Melbourne

Attendance by a Qualified and Experienced Technician

Your repairman will bring all the tools needed to work on any model of washing machine or dryer. They also carry spares to complete the most commonly required jobs. This maximises the chance of your work being done in a single visit, which both saves you money and means you get your appliance back in order as quickly as possible.

A systematic approach

The machine will be examined, and the fault diagnosed. When possible, it will be repaired instantly. If this isn't possible, the spare parts required are ordered, and you'll be able to arrange a date that suits you for a return visit. Once the work is done, your appliance will be tested to make sure it's fully operational.

An Insured and Guaranteed Washing Machine Service

Your repairman works under full professional insurance - so you're covered against any accidental damage - and holds public liability insurance too. All parts replaced and the work done is covered by a full one-year guarantee. And just so you know, any parts supplied will be originals from reputable manufacturers. Generic spares may cost a few dollars less. But in our experience, they're a false economy. They can fail or, worse yet, damage other parts of your appliance.

Wide coverage and an easy-to-use booking system

Washing machine and dryer repairs are available for all models, types and ages of appliances and across the whole of Melbourne. Get a quote and book your service through this website, give us a call or download the GoFantastic app. Use whichever method suits you best to get in touch. You're always assured of a prompt and courteous response.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is washing machine repair charged for?
A: Labour is charged at an hourly rate. If you choose to join the Fantastic Club, you'll benefit from discounted labour rates on this and all the other services we offer. Ask for more information about this when you get in touch. You'll also pay for the cost of any parts needed for your repair.
Q: How long will the work take?
A: This does depend on what the fault is, and whether your repairman has the parts needed with him or has to order them. Most repairs are completed in one to two hours.
Q: Do you offer same-day appointments?
A: We can't promise this as it depends on the availability of a repairman near you. But we do promise to do our best to get someone to you on the day you call.
Q: Can I book a weekend appointment?
A: Absolutely. Fantastic maintenance specialists are available on the weekends and even on public holidays.
What happens if I need to change or cancel an appointment?
Things happen. We understand that. Just give us a 2 days' notice, and we'll reschedule for you at no extra charge.
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