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  • Protect your home from germs and viruses with antiviral sanitisation
  • One-time cleaning for any occasion
  • Eco-friendly detergents and methods upon request
  • Personalised cleaning to-do lists
  • Fully insured & background-checked cleaners

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One-Off Domestic Cleaning Prices

Price per hour
Fantastic Club price$41*
Standard price$45**
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** Our minimum fee is $140 for 3h of cleaning and every extra hour is $45 per cleaner
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How About a Fantastic Deal?

Don't Begrudge the Spring Cleaning - Leave It to Fantastic Services

Don’t try to fit everything in your busy schedule and let the experts lend you a hand with the one-time cleaning of your home! You don’t even need to change your daily routine to be present during the service. Simply arrange a key pick-up and leave a note with what needs to be done within your booked time slot.

And you take care of all these domestic tasks from your smartphone, using our handy GoFantastic app.

Trouble-Free One-off Cleaning When You Need It

  • Spring cleans - Annual or biannual deep cleaning solutions any time of the year.
  • Special events - Short-notice bookings before and after celebrations.
  • Pre-sale cleaning - Up the value of your house with a professional clean.
  • Rental inspection - Spruce up your flat before a live-in rental inspection to impress your agent.

What is included in the One-Off Cleaning Service?

Depending on the number of hours you have booked, the Fantastic teams of expert cleaners would be more than happy to help you with the following:

  1. Clean the entire floor area with an industrial vacuum cleaner and then, wash all hard floors with professional and safe detergents (respectively with a tile cleaner or a wood floor cleaner).
  2. Clean behind furniture and hard-to-reach places (the top of wardrobes if reachable with a stepladder, behind white goods and furniture, as long as they are not too bulky or heavy to move).
  3. Vacuum clean all upholstered furniture and rugs.
  4. Wipe and polish all surfaces (wooden tops, shelves and skirtings; glass tops and mirrors; window sills, banisters and picture frames; kitchen benchtops).
  5. Clear all cobwebs and empty & clean the bins.
  6. Sanitise all bathroom accessories and the kitchen appliances & sink.
  7. Wipe clean cupboards and cabinets (inside and out).
  8. Wash interior windows and frames, and clean exterior windows upon additional request.
  9. Clean the fridge (if emptied and defrosted) and the dishwasher at additional cost.
  10. Spot cleaning of walls and ceilings at additional fee.
  11. Remove limescale and clean tiled sections in the kitchen or bathroom.
  12. Deep cleaning of the oven, steam cleaning of carpets, upholstered furniture & mattresses - the additional charges will be incorporated in the final quotation.
  13. Exterior window & fly screen cleaning, if booked separately. Discounts may apply.
  14. You can combine and book spring cleaning with other services like carpet cleaning, jet wash cleaning, bbq cleaning, oven cleaning.
  15. If you're moving out of the property the more suitable option is to book end of lease cleaning.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: I believe the cleaner has broken something. Who should I inform?

    A: Please, call our customer care hotline and we will ensure that the issue is rectified up to your full satisfaction. Fantastic Services holds a Public Liability Insurance. The cleaners are comprehensively insured, too.

  • Q: Do I need to provide cleaning materials for the job?

    A: No. The cleaners are equipped with everything they need. Moreover, they use high-end cleaning machines and tools, as well as professional non-toxic cleaning products and detergents, which are proven to be the most effective in the field. If you have specific detergents you want the cleaners to use, they can, but they can't guarantee the same results.

  • Q: Is it alright if I change my mind about a particular cleaning task if I no longer wish to have it done?

    A: Of course. You can cross off, add or replace jobs on your cleaning list as you wish. The cleaners will coordinate with you what can or cannot be cleaned within your booked hourly slot. Please, ensure that you give us a sufficient notice if you need to cancel an already booked specialised service, such as deep oven cleaning, which involves sending different cleaning technicians to your address.

  • Q: Can I book a cleaning service for a commercial properties?

    A: Yes. If you require a one-time cleaning service for an office, business premises or a public venue, do not hesitate to get in touch. All our services are suitable for most types of non-residential properties.

  • Q: Is your company insured?

    A: Yes. Fantastic Services holds a Public Liability Insurance.

  • Q: Can I book a service during the weekend or on a Bank Holiday?

    A: Yes. And there's no change in the price for booking a cleaning on weekends and bank holidays.

  • Q: What does the house cleaning service include?

    A: The cleaner will follow your personalized list of priorities and will clean as much as they can within the booked cleaning session. If you need additional services such as oven cleaning, blind and curtain cleaning, wall spot cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tiles & grout cleaning etc. they come with an extra cost.

  • Q: Can I change the date and time of my cleaning session?

    A: Yes. You should contact us at least 24 hours before the service, otherwise, cancellation fee would be applied. Check our terms and conditions for more information.

  • Q: Why one-off cleaning is more expensive than regular cleaning? What is the difference between the services?

    A: The one-off cleaning is usually more deep cleaning of the property. There is a team of two cleaners that are fully equipped and can provide a variety of cleaning services such as oven cleaning, BBQ cleaning, window cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning. The regular cleaning is usually a maintenance cleaning and is quicker. It’s usually organized weekly or fortnightly.

  • Q: Are there any hidden charges?

    A: There are no hidden charges. Everything is included in the final bill.

  • Q: Can you change the bed sheets?

    A: Changing the sheets is a part of the regular domestic cleaning, it’s not included in the one-off cleaning. The main reason is that the one-off cleaning teams are not trained to do it.

  • Q: Can you clean my fridge?

    A: Yes, we can. The service comes at an extra cost and the fridge must be emptied and defrosted before the service.

  • Q: Can I change my priority list before the cleaning?

    A: Yes, as long as the cleaner is informed about what you need to be done on the property, you can change them minutes before the service.

  • Q: Can I ask the cleaner to professionally clean the carpet and the windows from the outside?

    A: Professional carpet cleaning is a separate services and you should book separately. You can check the prices online. We include only vacuuming in the spring cleaning. Same goes for outside window cleaning - pays extra as it's a different service.

  • Q: Will I need to be at my property after the service is completed?

    A: We recommend you to inspect the property after the job is done, just to make sure we meet all your expectations and requirements.

  • Q: Can I combine the service with another one?

    A: Of course! There are no limitations :)

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