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Flat Pack Furniture Assembly and Kitchen Installation Services

Helping you enjoy your revamped interior with furniture from IKEA and other popular retailers

  • Assembling any type of furniture - from chairs and shelves to beds and bulky wardrobes;
  • Assembling flat pack of any type of brands (IKEA, Fantastic Furniture and more;
  • We provide all the tools, equipment and supplies needed for the job;
  • Time-saving, efficient service provided by skilled and insured assemblers;
  • Keep your furniture in top condition for years;
  • Dismantling and disassembling old furnishings, upon request
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Get Your Flat Pack Furniture Assembly Done in 3 easy steps

01 Schedule a service and get a free quote.

Scheduling a service or getting a free quote through our booking form is simple and easy. We provide same-day service due to availability. To be able to give you an accurate quote for our furniture assembly service, we need to know the exact type and size of the furniture that you need to be assembled.

02 We take your safety very seriously.

Whether you need to assemble a bed, bookshelf or a chair, your safety is our top priority. Upon completion of the job, the professional handymen will test your fresh-fitted items for operational faults to make sure that they function as they should (drawers and cupboard doors open correctly, etc.)

03 The assemblers will put together your furniture

The Fantastic team of furniture assemblers will bring various power tools and manual tool sets, as well as spare quality hardware supplies and industrial fasteners. The pros will assemble your pieces efficiently, closely following the manufacturer’s instructions. Upon request, you can have any old and unwanted flat pack furnishings disassembled and removed from your property.

We’ve all been there. Ordering flat pack furniture that will arrive on hundreds of small pieces and wanting to assemble them on our own. Instruction manuals may look easy, but they’re hard to understand. Most of the steps are skipped and you’ll probably wonder how to finish the flat pack with hours.

Save yourself the headache of nailing the screws on the wrong side of your wardrobe. We understand if you don’t have the time or patience to tackle the job. Fortunately, the Fantastic furniture assemblers would love to help you!

Assembling any type of indoor furniture

The furniture assemblers are well-practised and familiar with fitting modular kitchens and furnishings for your home, garden or office from IKEA, Fantastic Furniture and other major or less popular brands.

  • Living room - Sofas, armchairs, rock chairs, stools, coffee tables, side tables, bookcases, shelves, home theater settings, TV stands, vintage and decorative furniture;
  • Kitchen & Dining room - chairs, dining tables, dining room sets, kitchen cabinets, bar and bar sets, cupboards, kitchen units;
  • Bedroom - Beds of all sizes, sofa beds, wardrobes, chests, shoe cabinets, night stands, back door accessories, vanity tables and cabinets;
  • Nursery - kids beds, swings, cribs, dressers and changing units;
  • Office - desks, standing desks, spinning chairs, shelves and cabinets
Expert assembling furniture.
flat pack and furniture assembly services (Ikea)

Assembling any type of outdoor furniture

If you want to breathe life to the outdoors, we can help you do that by assembling:

  • Outdoor BBQ cabinets;
  • Outdoor benches and tables;
  • Outdoor chairs and lounges;
  • Swings;
  • Patio and deck furniture

If you’ve just tackled your bathroom renovations, the furniture fitters can assist with assembling mirror stands and vanities. If you’re not ready to ,mount the TV on the wall, we can help you with putting together the TV stand.

Pick the right type of flat pack furniture

Every great furniture assembly starts with choosing the right type of flat pack furniture. Before heading to IKEA, measure the size of the room and pick a size of furniture that will work great in the room. Think about the function of the room. Designing the room layout will help you determine the place for all units and will help you decide what size of furniture you’ll need.

Avoid buying a damaged flat pack package. If the box is dented or scraped, it’s highly likely that some parts inside are damaged as well. If the furniture comes damaged or without some parts, contact the manufacturer. Most companies can replace broken parts or provide you with a new package.

Nonetheless, if small parts such as nails and screws are missing, don't worry! The Fantastic team of furniture assemblers will bring various power tools and manual toolsets, as well as spare quality hardware supplies and industrial fasteners.

The pros will assemble your pieces efficiently, closely following the manufacturer’s instructions, and fit them securely in the rooms of your choice. Upon request, you can have any old and unwanted flat pack furnishings disassembled and removed from your property.

flat pack and furniture assembly services

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if the service takes longer than the booked time?
A: The furniture fitters always strive to complete the job within the allocated time, subject to correct itemised information about the workload prior to the service. So, ensure that you don’t miss some small assembly details out (ex: extra drawers need fitting) during the booking to avoid delays with the completion of the job.
Q: Do I need to do anything before the service?
A: Just make sure that you tell us as much as possible, with regards to what you need assembling. For instance, specify if a large wardrobe needs fitting securely to a wall so that the technicians are aware and come fully prepared.
Q: What if a part from the flat pack is damaged or missing?
A: If the flat pack gets damaged or comes without a part that is specifically designed for the furniture, you need to contact the manufacturer for replacement. If a screw or nail is missing, the assemblers might be able to replace it. They come equipped with spare hardware supplies.
Q: Can you fit custom-made kitchens?
A: At present, we assemble flat pack kitchens from wide-known furniture retailers. For any other specific requests and more information, please, speak to our customer care representatives.
What is your service coverage?
We provide handyman services and furniture assembly solutions to customers, located in Melbourne and Sydney.
Can I book a service for the same day?
We may be able to send the fitters on the same day you booked the service, subject to location and availability. However, if you’ve requested furniture collection and delivery, as well, the earliest we can deliver and assemble is the following day.
Do you service business customers?
Yes. And our assembly expertise is not limited to office furniture only. We have helped clients from various industry sectors (retailers, foodservice facilities, etc.).
Can you disassemble my old furniture?
Yes, the fitters are as good in disassembling as they’re in assembling. They can dismantle various type of furniture from different brands. However, you need to dispose of the furniture parts on your own.
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Fantastic Handyman

Fantastic Handyman, as part of Fantastic Services Australia, provides a variety of property improvement solutions to businesses and residential clients. Furniture assembly is just one of the more popular services that customers seek to save time and effort. It can be booked separately or combined with various other home or office maintenance solutions, such as wall mounting services, odd jobs and repairs, as well as request it as an additional cost-effective option when you’ve purchased our IKEA furniture collection and delivery service.