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Our Expert Duct Cleaning Service Lowers Your Utility Bills

Advanced solutions, designed to keep your ductwork in top condition

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Enhanced quality of air
  • Effective contaminant removal
  • Decreased allergen levels
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Why Call the Fantastic Duct Cleaners?

The Key Benefits of Our Professional Duct Cleaning

  • Ductwork efficiency - Your installation will operate more efficiently. The risk of needing repairs in the future will be also reduced significantly.
  • Elimination of pollutants - Hard particles and the accumulation of dust are successfully removed from your HVAC system by employing cleaning methods that use opposite forces: negative pressure and powerful vacuuming.
  • System elements - All supply and return ducts, the main duct line and the AHU (if accessible) are professionally cleaned, including the register grills, filters, rotor blades (in the main unit).
  • Sanitisation - Mould spores, dust mites or fungi have a lesser chance for settling in your system installation after it has been treated with a sanitising solution, which is included in the service.
  • Deodorising - Odour control and the elimination of bad smells can be also requested. The technicians will additionally apply a deodoriser throughout the duct system.

Additional options - You can request a cleaning service for your air-conditioning units, as well as ask for the bathroom/kitchen/clothes dryer vents and ventilation fans to be serviced and cleaned. To keep the air clean, you can take advantage of our carpet cleaning service or have an end of lease cleaning of the entire property, if you're moving out and need to leave the property in an immaculate condition.

A Fantastic technician cleaning AC outdoor unit
A fantastic worker using a vacuum to clean a vent and a duct on a floor

Your Duct Cleaning Service is Powered by Expertise

The duct cleaning technicians make no compromise with the careful inspection of your ventilation system prior to the service. They follow company-approved procedures and perform the service in the following steps:

  1. The type of installation you have is determined and examined. The AHU (air handling unit) is located, so it can be accessed at a later stage. Please, note that the technicians will not attempt to service main units, which are situated on the roof of a building that has more than one storey.
  2. Additional service specifications are discussed (cleaning of the AC units if present, etc.) and then, the client is advised of the exact cost.
  3. The technicians set up the duct cleaning system and each duct register is serviced. The cleaning method employs a high-pressure compressor, which effectively blasts the grime buildup out of the system. A powerful vacuuming equipment pulls out, in a controlled manner, all the dislodged hard particles, which are collected in the vacuum receptacle.
  4. If reachable, the main unit is deep cleaned on the inside, as well as its elements, such as rotor blades and filters.
  5. The entire system is sanitised with a disinfectant.
  6. A deodoriser can be also applied, upon request.
  7. If you have a pest infestation, we advise you to have our pest control technicians have a look.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can you clean commercial kitchen extractor systems?
A: Fantastic Services provides cleaning solutions for domestic and commercial properties. We can service a variety of exhaust, extractor, heating and ventilation systems.
Q: My ductwork installation has become rather noisy. Would cleaning it sort this problem out?
A: A maintenance clean will reduce significantly the level of noise that the system produces.
Q: I believe that one of the duct lines may have been partially blocked. Can you help?
A: The duct cleaning technicians can inspect the system, but they will not attempt to open the duct line to unblock it. We do not provide repair services, which require specialised tools.
Q: What if the technician damages my ventilation system?
A: The cleaning methods we employ leave a very little chance for mishaps. Moreover, we are an insured service provider and the technicians are also fully certified and comprehensively insured.
Is it possible to postpone my duct cleaning appointment?
Yes. The Fantastic Services’ customer care team will help you reschedule your booking if you contact them well in advance.
Do you perform duct system repairs?
No. Unfortunately, we cannot offer repair services at this point. Fantastic Services provides maintenance cleans only.
How often should I have my air ducts cleaned?
At least once or twice a year.
What are the sources of air duct contamination?
Dust, chemicals, insects, spores, even pollen is sucked in to the air system. Even our bodies shed dead skin and that gets inside too. All of the sprays, perfumes, cooking smoke and steam can contaminate the systems too.
Will a dirty air system result in higher energy costs?
Yes. The dirtier it gets, the higher the energy consumption will be.
There is a odour in my home. Is the problem coming from the ducts?
Quite often the problem can come from the ducts, yes. We have a duct deodorising service too.
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Fantastic Cleaners

The duct ventilation system of your home or office needs regular attention and professional servicing. Fantastic Cleaners, part of Fantastic Services in Australia, is more than equipped to provide home and business owners with expert duct cleaning services seven days of the week. We also take care of the AC-units, if present and upon request, by cleaning them thoroughly with industry powered tools and sanitisers. For a better quality of air in your living space or at work, book the Fantastic duct cleaning service online or by phone. You can also benefit from a variety of other general and specialised cleaning services (regular domestic and office cleaning, oven cleaning, barbecue cleaning, end of lease cleaning, upholstery cleaning, etc.) at preferential rates when you book more than one at the same time.