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  • Protect windows from permanent damage
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Why you should get window cleaning in Sunshine Coast

Time. Unless you are experienced in cleaning, have all the equipment and can do the window cleaning quick enough, then time is a huge factor.

If you are in a 2 bedroom property and have around 10 standard windows, 3 fly screens and blinds, a professional can do the job for about 3-4 hours. It will take you twice the time. Imagine wasting 6 hours of your Saturday.

And the end results probably won’t be that great either. You will leave a few smudges, some insect stains and squeegee trails. You might not even be able to clean the windows on the second floor properly on the outside.

The effort is the second big factor. You need to get all the supplies, detergents and clean glass panels for a few hours straight. Because you need to catch the sunlight, you can’t start at 5 P.M. and expect to do the job right.

What to expect from our window cleaning service in Sunshine Coast

The service is priced on a window piece. Smaller windows are cheaper, while the large and double - more expensive. Flyscreens, window tracks, glass doors and blinds are charged extra.

As a standard, window frames and ledges are included in the price.

You can get your exterior and interior glass panels cleaned, shop, restaurant fronts, and even showrooms, call us for after-renovation cleaning.

For the outside, we can use water-fed poles which are one of the most eco-friendly and efficient ways of cleaning windows. No chemicals are used, only water and the special brush. Thanks to the innovative technology we use that removes the harmful minerals from the water, no strains will be left on the glass and you can enjoy a streak-free result.


average job price

3h 38min

average job duration


booked fly screen cleaning

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Window cleaning quotes from Sunshine Coast

10 windows

Sunshine Coast 07 Sep 2019
2 bedroom house - needed whole floor cleaned, windows from the outside

Service: Window, Hourly cleaning

10 windows, 2 Sliding doors

Sunshine Coast 08 Aug 2019
Need apartment cleaning, 1st floor, windows cleaned from the outside only

Service: Window, Hourly cleaning

15 large windows one side

Sunshine Coast 08 Jan 2020
Hello, will need window cleaning for about 15 windows. Ground floor

Service: Window cleaning

How much does window cleaning in Sunshine Coast cost?

The average price for window cleaning in Sunshine Oast is $261 whihc usually includes In and out cleaning

Average job duration is 3h 38min and it could include fly screen cleaning

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109 261 824

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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