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Professional Floor Stripping and Sealing by Fantastic Services

Safeguard your vinyl or tile floor against stains and surface damage!

  • Ensures low maintenance
  • Extends the lifespan of your flooring
  • Repels adequately stain formation
  • Provides protection against scratches
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How stripping and sealing works?

1. The technicians strip the old sealant with a special machine

2. They clean the vinyl floor or tiles from residue

3. A few coats of sealant solution is applied

4. The surface is gently buffed for a shiny finish.

Licensed tile stripping and sealing equipment

Why Stripping and Sealing Should Be Handled By a Pro?

The experts from Fantastic Services realise that tile and vinyl floors need regular maintenance in order to look their best and “serve” you for a long time. And wiping them daily with a mop is simply not sufficient. Over time hard floors made from natural stone and most man-made materials begin to look dull and their protection becomes compromised. Hence, they need to be resealed every few years in order to keep them stain and scratch-free. Even if your flooring is constructed from a type of fire-glazed tiles, which do not usually require an additional protection, you can still consider sealing the grout to repel dirt accumulation in between the tiles.

Common DIY floor care errors

The most widespread mistake people do when resealing their flooring is to skip the important step of stripping the old disintegrated protective layer, first. This results in the formation of a thick plasticky film, which not only cracks easily but also gives the flooring a milky, lacklustre appearance.
Another common shortcoming in the sealing process is applying the wrong sealant that is unsuitable for the particular type of floor surface. For example, porous natural stone surfaces are best sealed with an impregnator which is oil and water-resistant. This type of sealing product is long-lasting and does not change the natural colour of the stone. Vinyl floors, on the other hand, which endure high traffic, should be sealed with a topical solvent-based sealer.

To avoid the risk of misapplication, we strongly advise entrusting the protection of your flooring to a hard floor restoration expert.

What types of floors do we seal?

We specialise in stripping and resealing of floor surfaces made from marble, sandstone, terracotta, limestone, granite, concrete, as well as vinyl. We also have the experience in applying expert restoration treatment techniques for ceramic, quarry, travertine, terrazzo, slate, quartzite tiles and more.
The company boasts expertise in both sealing newly installed floors and floorings that require resealing after the old coating has been stripped off with a professional equipment.

What Our Stripping and Sealing Service Involves

The service is executed with a minimum hassle and in a straightforward manner:

  1. The technicians arrive with a high-end professional equipment and all the required products to complete the job.
  2. The old sealant is removed with a specialised machine after a stripping solution is first applied to the surface.
  3. A neutralizer is then applied to remove any chemical residues.
  4. The specialist will also wash the floor with water and leave it to dry for half an hour.
  5. Subsequently, based on the type of floor you have, a suitable sealing solution is applied in two or three coats. Drying time between coatings applies.
  6. Upon request, the floor is buffed with a polishing equipment.

This service can also be incorporated as a vacate cleaning option, or you can request it from your housekeeper, if you feel that your floors need some extra attention.

Note that fresh-installed natural stone, vinyl and tile floors should be sealed immediately after installation to ensure that they are protected against damage and contamination. You can count on the Fantastic floor technicians to advise you on the most suitable protective solution for your specific type of flooring. In addition, you can seek their advice on whether your flooring will benefit from our honing and polishing services prior to sealing.

Stripping and sealing of hard floors

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What anti-slip sealant should I use?
A: Water-based and solvent-based sealing solutions can have anti-slip properties. So, it will depend on the type of floor you have and its location when deciding on the most suitable product. You are welcome to request the technician’s expert opinion on this during the preliminary viewing that we will organise for you prior to the service.
Q: How do you charge for the service?
A: The price quote is based on the size of the floor area that needs stipping and/or sealing. The precise measurements of the flooring will be confirmed on site by the hard floor restoration specialist.
Q: How long will it take for the floor to dry before it can be buffed?
A: About an hour is usually a sufficient time for the sealed floor to dry before it can be polished with a buffing machine.
Q: Should I seal my porcelain tiles?
A: Porcelain tiles are hardy and generally stain-resistant. However, they can be sealed with an anti-slip solution especially if the tiles are installed in a wet room/bathroom.
How long will the service take?
Depends on the floor condition and the type of floor
Do i have to move the furniture?
Yes. We could help only with light furniture.
Is this procedure going to affect the underfloor heating?
No. But please inform us if there is such.
Can you remove grout?
The service does not include grout removal
Do you provide grout sealing?
For now, we provide grout sealing only in Sydney
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Fantastic Cleaners

Fantastic Cleaners, a successful branch of Fantastic Services, has provided Australians with professional hard floor cleaning, maintenance and restoration solutions for a number of years with excellent results. You can book separately or combine our stripping and sealing service with tile cleaning, buffing, honing and polishing to ensure the ultimate finish for your hard floor. Or, you can choose something for your home, like oven or barbecue deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, and more. Please, contact us to request more information or book your session by downloading our mobile app, via the live chat, by phone or by filling the online booking form.