Honing & Polishing to Restore Natural Stone Surfaces

Remove scratches and refresh your floor

  • Rejuvenates dull floor surfaces
  • Improves the overall look of your interior
  • Facilitates daily floor maintenance
  • Increases the value of your home

How it works

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2. Meet the cleaners

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3. Time to work

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4. Enjoy the result

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The Honing & Polishing Treatment Makes Hard Floor Maintenance Easy

Mostly used for natural stone surfaces, the honing and polishing techniques are the latest addition to the Fantastic Services portfolio. They bring style and a smart finish to your flooring.

Glossy or Matte Floor Appearance? Let Fantastic Services Help!

Natural stone floorings, such as marble, travertine, terrazzo, granite, etc., require regular care to maintain their natural beauty and prolong their life. We, at Fantastic Services, provide professional floor honing and polishing solutions that you can take advantage of anytime.

What is honing?
Hard surfaces (floors, countertops, walls) made from natural stone or concrete can benefit from being honed when they suffer from light scratches or have an uneven and dull appearance. The procedure is performed by employing a specialised equipment with an abrasive wheel and helps you achieve a natural low sheen matte finish and a smooth appearance of your flooring. The surface will reflect light moderately, giving the floor a low key and elegant look without the overpowering burnish that an additionally polished floor has. Honing stone floorings also makes the surface more scratch-resistant, so it can withstand heavy traffic. However, honed surfaces become prone to staining unless they are promptly sealed after the procedure.

Natural stone polishing
Stone floor polishing requires the use of a fine-grit abrasive equipment, which smoothes down the floor surface even further than honing to create a glossy look as an end result. It enhances the natural colour of the stone and gives the surface a strikingly lustrous appearance. The procedure can be performed directly on floors, which do not appear damaged in any way or after the surface has been first honed to remove small imperfections. Note that finely polished floors are susceptible to scratching. Hence, they are best sealed immediately after treatment. If your home is covered in carpeted floors, then our carpet steam cleaning is the perfect alternative for you.

Your Floor Restoration Service in 4 Simple Steps

Your natural stone or concrete floor will be honed and/or polished by fully qualified and insured professionals who have years of experience in providing our customers with hard floor restoration services.

  1. Just get in touch with us online or by phone to request the service. We will need a brief description of your floor, as well as details about its condition.
  2. A customer service representative will schedule a viewing for a time and date that fits your timetable. You will be promptly offered a no-obligation quote for the service.
  3. Upon agreement with the price estimate, we will organise your service appointment, based on your specific requirements.
  4. A seasoned floor technician will arrive equipped with an industry-powered honing/polishing machine. He will executes the job to the highest standard leaving your floor with a perfect finish.

Please, note that you can schedule with us an expert application of a quality sealer that is most suitable for your particular type of fresh-honed or polished stone floor.

The stone honing and polishing service can also be added to a bond cleaning booking, if you want to leave the hard floors in your rental property in a meticulous condition.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Do I need to seal my marble floor after it has been honed?

    A: Yes. As most natural stone tile floor types are porous, they can easily absorb liquid in a spillage accident, which will result in an unsightly stain. Hence, the application of an impregnating and/or topical sealant is strongly recommended.

  • Q: Does honing address floor lipping?

    A: No. Honing can remove light scratches, as well as uneven spots that are less than 2 mm in depth.

  • Q: Can you polish terrazzo floorings?

    A: Yes. Although more durable than marble, terrazzo surfaces also benefit from a professional restoration treatment now and again. We can expertly hone and polish your terrazzo floor with an outstanding result.

  • Q: Do you offer stone grinding services?

    A: No. Presently, we do not provide stone grinding to our customers.

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