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How to Clean Gutters Safely

Greg McGill / Cleaning your gutters might seem like a chore that can wait but the more you put it off, the more work you’re going to have in the future. Cleaning your gutters can prevent various problems: You should clean them at least twice a year - once in spring, and once in fall. And while this task seems simple,

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Look, let’s be honest! Raise your hand if cleaning is on your list of favourite pastimes! It’s not there? We thought so. But what would you say if you had a whole collection of tips on how to make this necessary chore a piece of cake? Well, we’ve done this for you, right here! From clever hacks on how to clean window tracks to easy and eco-friendly ways to get rid of mould, you can become a cleaning guru in no time with our helpful guides below.

Browse through our easy-to-follow tips whenever the need arises and feel free to share your own cleaning tricks in the comment section under each article!

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