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Golden mouse yellow footed Antechinus, small Australian marsupial
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Australian Marsupials and Rodents That Look Like Rats

By Bradda / Rats. No matter if you find the creatures utterly disgusting or not, seeing one running around your home is never a pleasant experience. With that being said, did you know that the chance of that rat-looking rodent taking a walk in your kitchen not being a rat is pretty big? Yup - there are plenty of marsupials in Au

Visit the land of pesky bugs and clever rodents.

Roaches, bed bugs, creepy spiders and pesky mice have been jumping at the opportunity to sneakily make humans their housemates for centuries. And in Australia, even more so, with our perfect climate for crawlies and bugs to breed and multiply undisturbed at a fast rate. So, learn here how to keep vermin at bay, mostly, the natural way! Get to know how to get rid of an army of any type of ants or prevent a cockroach infestation the smart way!

We rely on the expertise of experienced pest control specialists to bring you the most sound pest proofing advice right below. And if you’re not up to the job of dealing with a nest of rats in your attic, we’ll gladly send a pro your way to help you!

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