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How to Stop Pigeons from Nesting Under Solar Panels

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While having a bunch of pigeons as neighbours on the roof may not immediately sound like a very bad thing, if you happen to have a PV system, then you should know that birds nesting underneath it can prove very troublesome. Solar energy systems make for a very convenient nesting location for pigeons by providing shelter from the weather and potential predators. However, at the same time, birds wandering around solar panels can seriously reduce their efficiency and even break the system. This is a common problem for homeowners across Australia, but luckily, there are some good enough solutions on how to stop pigeons from nesting under solar panels.

So, if you:

  • Are wondering whether nesting birds on your roof can cause damage;
  • Have a solar energy system and you want to avoid attracting birds to your roof;
  • Want to learn how to stop pigeons from nesting underneath the panels;

Then, keep on reading because this blog post is just for you! Here you will learn why pigeons on the roof can be problematic, what factors invite them to your property in the first place and the methods you can use to stop birds from settling underneath your solar panels.

Table of contents:

Can pigeons damage your solar panels?

PV systems are a high-value investment, which naturally, you would want to protect from possible damage. Unfortunately, pigeons love to nest underneath solar panels because they provide a shady spot, make for an excellent shelter from the elements and are high enough from most predators. At the same time, the presence of birds can cause numerous issues in your solar panels, such as reduced efficiency, corrosion in the frames, gnawed wires and scratched solar cells.

The main reason behind most of the damage is the pigeon droppings. They can block the sun from reaching the solar cells, thus considerably reducing the system’s efficiency. Pigeon faeces are also acidic and when they build up, they can corrode the aluminium frames of your solar panels, as well as stain your roof.

Pigeons can pose serious health hazards to your family. Their droppings are known to carry several diseases and pathogens. When the faeces dry and break down, they become airborne and can be easily breathed in by you or your family.

The beaks and claws of pigeons can be another reason for damage to solar panels. When the birds land on the panels, their claws can scratch the surface and sever a solar cell. Also, if any wires are sticking out, the pigeons may feel tempted to nibble them and use them for nesting material. Some species are more aggressive and they may try to fight with their own reflection on the shiny surface of the panels.

Moreover, pigeons and their nests can attract other pests to your roof, such as squirrels, rodents and cockroaches, which in turn can also cause damage to your panels, as well as to your whole property in general.

That is why you should take pigeons nesting under your PV system seriously and act quickly to pigeon-proof your solar panels and protect your valuable investment and health.

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Ways to stop pigeons from nesting under your solar panels

Now that we’ve settled how birds, taking shelter under PV systems, can be problematic, it’s time to clarify how exactly one can prevent those feathered creatures from nesting there. That’s why to help you deter pigeons, and birds in general, from residing in the area under your panels, we’ve gathered a few methods that prove useful in this kind of situation.

Here is how to stop pigeons from nesting under your solar panels:

  1. Install plastic roof spikes.

    While roof spikes may not seem like an appealing option, they prove very useful. By making it uncomfortable for birds to stay long enough, roof spikes can help deter pigeons and protect your solar panels, especially when combined with another pigeon-proofing method.

  2. Set up a bird mesh or netting.

    Bird mesh is known to be highly effective in hindering pigeons from nesting under solar panels. This method works by clipping the mesh directly to the panels and sealing off the space underneath. Alternatively, you can opt for bird netting, which is a more cost-effective option, yet still effective.

  3. Place plastic predators.

    You can also consider investing in plastic birds of prey. Think of it as a scarecrow. A fake owl, whose head swivels in the wind, can make a good guard to your solar panels and protect them from damage. There are also automated birds of prey options that can do the job just as well.

  4. Keep your garden clear of food.

    You may be attracting pigeons to your house and not even realise it. Eliminating any food sources from around your property is an important step if you want to keep your roof pigeon-free. If you’ve been feeding birds, think twice before doing it again. Also, make sure that your rubbish is stored securely and there is no pet food outdoors.

These are the ways to prevent pigeons from nesting under your solar energy system. However, if there are already birds on your roof, you will have to take a different course of action, such as contacting a pigeon pest control company and letting them handle the situation.

While all of the mentioned-above approaches prove effective against pigeons nesting underneath solar panels, if you want to make sure that you have eliminated the problem in the long run, our advice is to combine two of the methods to achieve optimal results.

When to call a professional bird control company

If you have pigeons nesting on your roof already, considering bird-proofing methods will prove pointless at this stage. In such instances, you should resort to the help of pigeon control professionals and not attempt to remove the nests yourself.

Native birds are protected under the law in Australia and an experienced bird controller will know how to handle the task, while abiding by the state rules and regulations. Moreover, by hiring a specialist pest control company to rid your property of the birds, you ensure a professional approach and effective results. Additionally, the experts will be able to advise you on how to avoid the problem of recurring in the future, as well as on what may be attracting the birds to your property.

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  • Pigeons can be very problematic for solar system owners because they can cause serious damage to the panels.
  • Roof spikes, bird mesh and plastic birds of prey prove to be the most useful methods of deterring pigeons from nesting under PV systems.
  • Birds can be easily attracted by any food source, so it’s important to eliminate this factor when you want to prevent pigeons from coming near your house.
  • When birds become an issue, it is always better to contact a professional bird control company, rather than trying to handle the problem on your own.

Are there pigeons nesting on your roof? Contact us and let us deal with your bird problem smoothly!

Had pigeons nest under your solar panels before? Feel free to share your experience with us in the comments below! We would love to hear from you!

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