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How Much Does Pest Control Cost in Australia?

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Pests are everywhere, especially here in Australia, and while some are just a nuisance, others, such as termites, can cause structural damage to your property. Damages from past infestations are enough to decrease your property value, but an active infestation can deter even the most ambitious buyers or renters. For those reasons, you must take care of the pest problem as soon as it shows its antennas.

The cost of pest control is not low, but it’s always well worth it in the long run. So, if you:

  • Have been infested with nasty creepy crawlies;
  • Are moving out or selling your property, but the law mandates you hire pest control;
  • You can’t find an appropriate pest control price list on any website you’ve visited so far.

Then read along.

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Pest control services costs

Pest control prices depend on a handful of factors, which you will read about in just a minute. The takeaway is this: every company will give you a different quote. Some companies charge by the hour, others by the type of services, and some have fixed prices. So, consider the prices in these tables exemplary for Australia rather than final.

Bed bugs$300 – $650
Fleas$280 – $450
Mites$280 – $450
Carpet beetle$290 – $500
Ants$280 – $450
Moths$250 – $410
Flies$250 – $410
Mosquitoes$250 – $410
Spiders$280 – $450
Silverfish$250 – $410
Bees / Wasps$280 – $400
Centipedes / Millipedes$250 – $410
Cockroaches$280 – $450
Rodents / Mice / Rats$290 – $600
Possum$450 – $900
Termites$350 – $6000
Bird control$300 – $1500
Carcass removal$300 – $500
EOL pest control$190 – $580
Up to 2-bedroom property$280 – $450
3-bedroom property$280 – $490
4-bedroom property$280 – $550
5-bedroom property$310 – $620
6-bedroom property$310 – $690

As you can see, the word pest encompasses many different critters, each of which can cause harm in its own way.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are small insects that feed on mammal blood. They hide in beds, furniture, carpets and wherever they can be closest to their prey. They spread rapidly and are impossible to eradicate by DIY means, thanks to their tough exterior shells and small size.


Fleas will make a life for your pet a living hell but are also dangerous to humans because fleas can carry diseases.


In most countries, ants are a plain nuisance that doesn’t pose a serious health threat. In Australia, on the other hand, quite a few species can put you in the hospital. So, if you find ants in your home, take care of them rather than trying to find out whether they are dangerous or not.


Wasps are territorial, aggressive, can sting multiple times and are not afraid to do it. The wasp sting is full of venom, which hurts so bad. Different people get different allergic reactions, some even can have fatal consequences.


Cockroaches crawl everywhere and eat almost anything, including waste. Because of this, they are known to carry at least 30 different kinds of bacteria, which can cause illness if left on food. Their faeces and old skin can also trigger asthma attacks.


Possums don’t bite unless cornered, but they carry serious diseases such as tularemia, tuberculosis, coccidiosis, spotted fever, leptospirosis and others. Each of these can be transferred to humans and pets. Possums also eat everything they can whilst on your property and won’t hesitate to go inside your trash cans if the lids are left open.


Termites spread rapidly and form huge colonies. They pose a serious threat to support structures, foundations and beams in any home with their relentless chewing. In time infested wood structures become brittle, weak and can break down.

Bird control

Birds are harmless critters, but they can carry mites that can transfer to humans. Bird waste also attracts cockroaches which feed on the waste, so there’s that.

What affects the pest control cost

With all said so far, what factors influence how pest control prices are formed?

  • Pest type – Different solutions are needed for different types of pests.
  • Type of treatment – Chemicals are more expensive than heat treatment, whereas preventative measures are far more affordable than reactive treatments.
  • Severity of infestation – The longer you wait, the more serious the infestation becomes. And the more serious it becomes, the more solutions and efforts it will require from the pest controller.
  • Size of the property – Larger properties will need more chemicals until they’re fully covered by the pest controller.
  • Number of treatments – Some pests may require multiple treatments, not just one, so the price increases.

What does the pest treatment include

A professional pest controller is way more than a person with a spray bottle. They conduct a detailed inspection and act in accordance with it. With that said, what do pest control specialists do, and what does a pest treatment service include?

  1. Detailed inspection of the interior and exterior of your property for pest entry points.
  2. Pest prevention by installing barriers or using repellents to deter pests from entering.
  3. Pest extermination via chemicals when the infestation is particularly bad.
  4. Pest management combines both prevention and extermination.

Pest inspection cost

A pest inspection is a procedure that determines if there is pest activity on your property and whether it represents a health or property hazard. Examples of damage include chewed wires and insulation from rodents or holes in furniture from termites. The inspection also determines how likely it is to get infested in the future, making it twice as valuable.

A thorough pest inspection takes about 30 minutes to one hour and always includes:

  • Visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the property as well as basements, subfloors or attics.
  • Evaluation of damage sustained due to the pest activity.
  • A pest report. That includes an overview of where the pests were found and what damage they’ve done.
  • Review of any previous pest treatments.
  • Recommendation for pest removal and prevention.

It’s very important to have a pest inspection both before buying and purchasing a property for several reasons:

  • Prevention – a proper inspection will help to spot early signs of infestation or conditions which might lead to one.
  • Financial protection – pest treatment costs money but so do repairs to damaged items. It’s much better if you can save yourself the expenses well in advance rather than having it doubled if you do get infested.
  • Property value – if a property is infested, it will cost less, and potential home buyers will be discouraged from purchasing it. That’s bad for you, regardless of which side you’re on.

Pest inspection costs around $350-$550 and is often performed alongside the building inspection when buying a home.

How to choose a pest control company

Nowadays, many companies offer pest control, and it’s tempting to choose the cheapest one. But beware, cheap pest control prices may mean the service is not carried up to standards. That’s why you should always ask the following questions of each company you contact:

  • Do you have a licence? – both the regular technicians and trainees of any pest company should hold a license proving that they know how to handle and apply chemicals properly and safely. Look for certifications such as PestCert or HACCP.
  • Do you have insurance? – accidents and mistakes can always happen, so you need to know what level of protection you will be given for your property and possessions.
  • How long have you been in this business? – experience is always important. The longer a company stays in business, the more people will know it and recommend or avoid it. Plus, the level of experience should never be underestimated.
  • What products do you use? – this is important because the company should use only AEPMA (Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association) approved products.

By now you know that the cost of professional pest control can never be low, but in the long run it is well worth it. Professionals will use the right amount of pesticides in the right areas. A regular Joe will spray your home, and home the pest never returns, whilst missing important entry points and reasons why your home got infested in the first place.

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  • A pest can be a bird or a mammal and not just an insect.
  • Pest control prices are affected by different factors such as type of pest, size of the property, treatment type and est.
  • A pest inspection also varies in price because of different factors.
  • You should be careful when choosing a pest control company and not go for the cheapest one you can find. A pest control company needs to be certified and highly experienced.

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