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How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Carpet

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Dealing with a flea infestation is never an easy task. Your pet may be the one that bought them inside your home, but you’re going to be the one that has to deal with the flea infestation before it’s too large to handle on your own. Often fleas would infest your carpet and turn in into their home, so it’s always best to act fast, rather than throw away a perfectly good carpet.

With the help of this guide, you will learn how to get rid of fleas in the carpet.

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Signs of a flea infestation in your carpet

Flea infestations are notoriously hard to deal with. It often takes days, even weeks to fully exterminate all of the fleas infesting your house and your carpets.

That’s why it’s a good idea to always treat your pets and examine them to make sure they are healthy and everything is in check.

While fleas are really small and are hard to spot, you may catch a glimpse of them jumping in the air. They also bite and the result is a nasty red, itching circle on the biting spot. That’s why if you don’t notice an ongoing flea infestation, you’ll definitely feel it.

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Most effective ways to get rid of fleas in your carpet

Battling one of the smallest bugs that can cause infestation is no easy task. Multiple steps and time are needed to fully exterminate all of the fleas infesting your carpets and potentially your home.

Exterminating fleas isn’t easy, but here’s what you can do:

  • Vacuum your home thoroughly
  • Clean the bedding of your pets as well as other areas where they stay most
  • Wash your carpets with shampoo
  • Call a professional to steam clean your carpets

Vacuum the carpets

Fleas would infest carpets because they strongly resemble hair. If you’ve noticed the problem immediately a thorough vacuum of your house is likely to fix the problem. Throw away the vacuum bag outside of your home.

Clean the bedding of your pet

Most often you’ll get a flea infestation from your beloved pet. That’s why it’s important to wash your dog or cat and take them out of the room. Vacuum their bed, steam clean it and leave it outside to dry.

Make sure you take out any bird pets and cover any fish tanks if there are. After you’ve prepared and removed any possible sources of infestation, it’s time to thoroughly clean the rest of the house and paying special attention to your carpets.

Steam clean the carpets

Steam cleaning your carpets will kill fleas in all stages. Steam will get rid of the four stages of the flea’s life cycle – egg, larva, pupa, and adult.

Fleas are known to die in temperature exceeding 38 degrees Celsius. The steam coming from a professional steam cleaner is twice as higher. Steam cleaning will also kill any fleas that are in your furniture.

Wash the carpets with shampoo

Washing your carpets with shampoo is also another good way to get rid of fleas and flea eggs in your carpet.

However, using shampoo isn’t an option for everyone, as you’ll have to take out the rug and wash it outside. You can’t just take out the carpeting out of your house. So, unless you have the time to take out your carpets and wash them outside, we advise you book a steam cleaner to deal with this problem for you.

Use insecticides to kill the fleas in your rug

Killing the fleas with the help of insecticides is the most effective method. Professional pest controllers know exactly how to deal with a pest infestation.

Using shampoos or steam cleaning will reduce the strength of the flea killing pesticide.

Any washing and steam cleaning should be done before applying insecticides on your carpets. However, you can dry vacuum the carpets, as vacuuming won’t affect the strength of the insecticides.

Deal with the fleas in your carpet

Find a professional to steam clean your carpets and kill the fleas!

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Angie Huckeba
Angie Huckeba
2 years ago

These are all great ideas and living in the country sometimes you just need all the help you can get. And if it’s alright I’d like to add a great trick to your list, I always keep pine soil on hand to treat bee stings and for fire ant bites. I soak a wash rag in the pine soil and apply it to the spot and it will stop the itch and stings fast. Just regular pine soil not the one with the scented perfume. Try to apply it before you start scratching the spot, seems to neutralize the yucky that they get you with when stung or bitten.
Have a very blessed day
Angie Huckeba

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