If cleaning the oven is a tough job, taking care of the burnt floor is a real challenge. Still, it is not a task to be taken lightly unless you don’t mind the burning food odour filling up the house every time you turn your oven on.

Don’t reach for the air freshener just yet. Instead, focus on tackling the source of the problem, which is most certainly hiding at the appliance’s bottom. It is time to roll up your sleeves and prepare for an oven makeover!

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Best oven cleaners for baked-on grease

Burnt old spills and food debris stuck to the bottom won’t come off easily. The good news is that there is a way to clean your oven naturally, making this particular area shiny again in no time.

Vinegar and baking soda is a favoured combination and certainly something to put on top of your eco-friendly oven cleaners’ list. If you happen to have tea tree or thieves essential oil in the house, you can add some drops of any of the two to your natural oven cleaner recipe. The first one will help kill bacteria, while the second will boost the power of your homemade cleaning blend.

The steps to a clean and shiny oven floor


  • You need to have easy access to the oven’s floor, so take the racks out along with the rest of the removable elements.
  • Cover the area in front of the appliance with towels or paper to prevent dripping to the floor.
  • Removing baked-on grease and residue from the oven is a messy job, so don’t forget your rubber gloves

Cleaning the burnt oven bottom

  • Dampen a cloth and wipe the floor surface to collect any loose pieces of food. Put a spatula (wooden or plastic is best) into use for scraping off all bigger and stubborn formations;
  • Warm up the oven a little bit. This will make the greasy spots easier to remove
    Don’t be alarmed if smoke and unpleasant odour appear as pieces of food and stains start to heat up. Just turn off the oven and crack a window open.
  • Wait for the appliance to cool off, enough so the possibility of burns is eliminated. Then apply your oven cleaner. Remember that homemade blends usually require more time to work than store-bought oven cleaners.
    The latter may come in handy when there’s more serious grime accumulated, but they tend to release a strong unpleasant smell, as well. How to get rid of it? Vanilla extract and lemon juice are just two solutions to consider for effectively removing any oven cleaner smell.
  • Finally, use warm water and soap for generously rinsing the entire oven floor until it is sparkling clean again.

And if you’re too busy to do it by yourself, check out our oven cleanig services!


How to protect the oven bottom in the future

Spill trays

Spill or drip tray can protect your appliance’s floor, preventing hard-baked on grease from building up. Some oven models come with a tray, but in case you decide to buy one, look for the right size to fit into your appliance.

Manual washing with soapy water is the preferred cleaning method, however, this is definitely to be preferred over kneeling and scrubbing a burnt oven bottom. Still, if you have to remove hard baked-on grease from the oven tray, baking soda and lemon/white vinegar will do the trick.

Oven liner

Another way to avoid cleaning burnt on grease stains off the oven bottom is to get an oven liner. The special silicone material is heat resistant and can catch all crumbs, spills and drips. It allows to be resized to fit any oven model and you can make 2-3 oven liners from a single roll.

The only thing to keep in mind is that such a product is mostly suitable for ovens that do not heat from beneath the bottom. So, placing an oven mat in your gas ovens may not be a good idea.

Cleaning is a piece of cake, too. Dish soap and warm water will take off all grime formation. Most are also dishwasher-safe. However, don’t forget to check the label first.

Tips to remember

  • It is often suggested to wrap the spill tray in aluminium foil or directly cover the oven bottom to keep it clean and avoid scrubbing. While it may be tempting to do so, you risk ending up with badly cooked meals. Better put those aluminium pieces of foil into better use, like making the oven racks clean and shiny again.
  • Better stick to cleaning your oven by hand. You may wish to save yourself the scrubbing by resorting to the self-cleaning programme, but it’s better to reconsider.
    Fully-satisfying results are not guaranteed. There is also the risk of inhaling a lot of smoke while hard burnt-on grease is exposed to very high temperature.

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  • Last update: June 4, 2020

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