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How to Create Your Own Apartment Balcony Garden

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The latest research shows that a lot of Australians actually prefer living in apartments rather than in houses. And it makes sense – apartment living is cheaper, it requires less to maintain and you’re usually located closer to your workplace. But the comforts of this type of living come with their own downsides. And it’s usually the lack of a backyard garden.

But this doesn’t mean you cannot have your own green outdoor space! We shouldn’t deprive ourselves of nature only because we live in apartments. You can create your own garden on your apartment’s balcony!

There are various reasons to start this project. Who doesn’t want to transform a part of their apartment into a sanctuary where you can enjoy your morning coffee or tea? The Australian weather is ideal for this and you can let your imagination run wild.

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Before you start your gardening project you should know…

Safety first! Balcony gardens sound like a fun creative project! But the absolute first thing you should do before you begin is to check the weight-bearing maximum of the balcony. You will be surprised how heavy can plant pots get! Especially concrete pots with small trees. When you make sure your apartment balcony can bear the weight you can go to the next step.

Legality. Another thing to consider before starting your project is to get familiar with what you can do on your balcony – can you renovate it, can you do it yourself or you should call in a licensed professional, are you allowed to repaint the walls, etc.

Start planning (but don’t rush). Remember you don’t have to carry through your project all at once. You can slowly start integrating more elements to your balcony garden. Start with the basics or whatever is easiest and the most accessible to you. Let’s look at some ideas!

Decorating ideas for your apartment balcony garden

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Artificial grass

Installing artificial grass is easy but very effective! It gives off the vibe of a real garden while you shouldn’t worry about pests, mud and any other inconveniences which come with real grass. You can also do part artificial grass, part wooden floors or tiles.

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Wooden floor or tiles

Just installing a wooden floor can transform the whole vibe of your balcony. It’s beautiful and modern and the installation process is relatively quick and easy. As for the tiles, depending on the type, they can also be a nice addition. They’re easy to clean which makes them a preferred choice for people with pets or small children. When you’re buying tiles make sure they’re intended for outdoor spaces because they’re less slippery when wet and can endure the changes in the weather.

Paint the walls*

*If allowed.
Freshening up the walls and ceiling will give you the perfect blank canvas for your project. White walls make every plant stand out and this classical choice goes perfectly with wooden furniture and flooring. You can, by all means, use other colours. Our advice is to choose light colours.

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Of course, you’ll need somewhere to sit to enjoy that morning coffee (or evening wine) of yours. Plastic furniture is the cheapest and most accessible option. But if you aim for a more sophisticated look, you can find wooden or metal chairs and tables at bargain prices too.

Hanging chairs

Just imagine being able to sit in a comfy swing while surrounded by your man-made piece of nature. The hanging chairs come in various shapes, sizes and materials – hammock ones, ropes ones, chairs from natural materials, shaped like pods and more. But before you rush to the online store and start drooling over the various beautiful options, make sure you can hang something this heavy from the ceiling of your balcony or you need to get a stand-alone piece.

Vertical garden

Use trellises to create a sophisticated-looking vertical garden. It’s especially suitable for small balconies where the rule is – the more compact and simpler, the better. You can choose from a variety of climbing plants which, in turn of minimal care, will brighten up your space.

Hanging basket plants

Another delicate but effective choice. The hanging baskets can be made out of ropes of plastic with metal but the star of the show here is the plant itself. Bushy plants with small flowers, hanging plants, even mixing different types.

Pot plants

Here the plant choices are endless. Also the plant pot choices. We advise you to place the pot plants on the floor as they tend to get quite heavy and you don’t want to risk breaking your beautiful ceramic pot or losing your flowers.

Window boxes

Window boxes are an effortless way to bring colour to your balcony. They’re easy to find and easy to install. Don’t get fooled by the name, you can put them wherever you feel like – hang them on the top rail, put them on the ground. Don’t forget they’re very suitable for growing vegetables and herbs!

Water features

How about adding a small fountain on your balcony? It doesn’t need to be big, you can choose a small and delicate one to put between your plants. It definitely can give your balcony a serene atmosphere, both visually and aurally.

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How to create a balcony garden the easy way

We bet from all of these ideas you’re eager to go and start the transformational project right away and you might already be browsing through a gardening shop. Of course, you can try and opt-in for the DIY method but isn’t it better if there’s someone else who can do it for you? You can always contact professionals to help you with your gardening project and save you time and energy.

Ready to get the balcony garden of your dreams? Find a specialist today to make it happen!

Check out our main website, maybe we can help you with something else around your home too.

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