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9 Warning Signs You Should Change Your Mattress

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The quality of your sleep hugely depends on your mattress. And quality night sleep is one of the pillars of living a healthy and happy life. In fact, the Parliament of Australia warns that 4 out 10 Australians don’t get enough sleep.

However, with time and use, even the most comfortable mattress will change its properties, affecting the sleep of its users. Here we will take a closer look at the signs that are telling you that it is time to get a new mattress and answer some of the questions that you may have.

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How often you should change your mattress

You should change your mattress as soon as you notice that it is affecting your sleep. If you are experiencing neck and shoulder stiffness and pain, or any back pain, when you wake up then your mattress might be to blame.

Beyond how you feel physically, changing your mattress is not necessary as long as it is structurally intact and you are having it deep cleaned every few months. For easy reference, go over the next section and use it as a checklist whether or not it is time to change your mattress.

The 9 certain signs you should replace your mattress

1. You wake up tired, stiff and achy

Assuming you are living your usual lifestyle, your old mattress might be the culprit when it comes to not feeling well-rested in the morning. This indicates that the structural changes of the mattress have finally reached a critical point.

2. You toss and turn but can’t get comfortable

Another indication of structural changes in your mattress is the fact that you just can’t seem to get comfortable on it anymore. You toss and turn, you change positions – it’s all the same.

3. Every time you turn it makes a sound

Some mattresses have springs inside them to provide the necessary support. WIth time and use, the springs start to deteriorate and get creaky. Thus, every time you move, the mattress makes a sound. This can be bothersome, especially if there is another person who sleeps in the same room.

4. Some sections of the mattress are sagging

Sagging is a clear indication that your mattress has reached a point where its functionality has been compromised. Usually, the sagging occurs in the sections of the mattress where its users sleep. The structure has finally been visibly affected by the weight it has been bearing.

5. Your allergies are triggered when you go to bed

No, it’s not a coincidence that your nose becomes runny when you go to bed every night. And no, you don’t have an allergy to the mattress – rather what’s inside it. With time, mattresses accumulate lots of dust and dust mites. Allergens become airborne every time you lie on the bed which causes your sneezing and eye irritation.

6. Conduct a sniff test

Take off all the bed coverings, get close to your mattress and take a sniff. You might notice that your mattress doesn’t smell all that great from this close. So when was the last time you had the mattress deep cleaned? If the answer is years ago or “never”, then you might want to consider booking a mattress deep cleaning service.

7. You slept elsewhere and you feel well-rested

If you happen to sleep somewhere else and you feel surprisingly comfortable on another mattress, then this could suggest that there is something not quite right with the one you have at home. It seems that your body has adapted to the uncomfortable mattress that you have so you are not quite able to notice that it’s not all that great for you.

8. Visible stains and mouldy smell

Of course, your mattress might have seen some action in recent years. If there are any visible stains that you just can’t get rid of and the mouldy stale smell returns just a few weeks after you have had your mattress deep cleaned, then it’s definitely time to go get a new one.

9. Changes in your living and sleeping situation

Naturally, you should consider getting a new mattress in case your living situation has changed. Perhaps you will be sleeping in bed with a partner from now on? It would be nice to ask them how they feel on the current mattress and decide if a change would be necessary.

How long does a mattress last

A good quality mattress should last for at least 10 years. A good indication of mattress quality and expected usable “lifespan” would be the warranty given by the seller. Also, you can prolong the usage of your mattress by having it deep cleaned once every few months.

Naturally, how long your new mattress will last highly depends on the quality of its make and how often you deep clean it. If you don’t want to have to change your mattress within the next few years or so, then we recommend investing in a quality mattress with specs that are perfect for you to ensure your comfort.

After that, make sure that you have it deep cleaned once every six months or so. Or at least once a year in case the mattress is not being used all that often. Fantastic Services provides a convenient and highly effective mattress cleaning service all over Australia so make sure to check us out!

How often should you replace a mattress – Key takeaways

How often should you get a new mattress

Get a new mattress whenever you start to experience discomfort with your current one that is affecting the quality of your sleep. Also, consider getting a new mattress in case you have neglected to maintain your mattress properly in recent years.

How long do mattresses last

Good quality mattresses can last for a decade and beyond if taken care of properly. Have your mattresses deep cleaned every 6 months to a year to prolong their usability.

How to clean a smelly mattress

The most effective way to clean a mattress is to book a professional cleaning service that uses hot water extraction to deep clean the items. You can take a look at our complete guide on how to clean and maintain your mattress.

What to do when allergic to a mattress

With time and usage, a mattress accumulates lots of dust particles and the number of dust mites in it increases dramatically. Not to mention that it could have some mould in it as well. To avoid allergic reactions, have your mattress professionally cleaned once 3 to 6 months. Opt for a service that utilises hot water extraction deep cleaning.

Does your mattress need cleaning?

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