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It’s the time of the year that the dead are coming back to life. Zombies, monsters, blood and delicious candy are everywhere! It’s hard not to like Halloween. The holiday just has a certain feel that is so, so special.

Although the holiday is mainly trick or treating for the kids, it still has that creepy vibe to it.

So, what happens when ghosts and monsters aren’t made up anymore? What happens when non-believers start to question if they are right?
Let’s dive in the creepiest and scariest and strangest stories from our beloved Australia.

The Marree Man

Maree Man geoglyph at Finnis Springs near Maree

In 1998 a pilot flying to Coober Pedy over South Australia become the first person to ever witness the Marree Man. Now, this is something extraordinary, because it wasn’t just a big thing. The Marree Man was a 4.2-kilometre indigenous man carved in the land.

To this day no one can say with certainty who made it, but it’s most likely a modern creation. The figure has perfect proportions, and it’s considered that whoever made it might have had access to GPS. A technology that was still in development at that time.

By 1999 people from all over the world were wondering who might have made this enormous statue with such perfection. There were speculations that US military might be involved, as they would have been in the area before the discovery and as we all know, they made the GPS, so the technology was there.

Pieces of evidence that support this theory are some pretty subtle. Close to one of the legs of the carving it can be found the length of the creation. Instead of metres, it’s in feet. Close to the length, there is also a description with terms that aren’t local.

In 1999 there was an anonymous fax that led to the discovery of a plaque, the US flag and a reference to HH Finlayson’s book – The red centre: Man and Beast in the heart of Australia.

Even though no one has a concrete answer who made it, the Marree Man is set to be restored by Maree locals.

Lake George

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By now you’ve most likely heard about Lake George. However, nowadays it’s not exactly a lake. When it was discovered in 1812 people thought that they have reached the ocean. The lake was described as an inland sea, and even steamships were travelling. Yachting was another thing that was very widespread as a pastime activity.

The reason Lake George is so mysterious is that it disappears and reappears without a known reason. The lake isn’t connected with any river, or the ocean to have a tidal behaviour. Locals also say that the lake has almost salty water when full.
Today there is almost no water in the lake, but it still fills up when there is heavy rain. The Australian Yowie is also believed to live there.

The Hawkesbury River Monster

It seems like every continent has its own prehistoric river monster. The Hawkesbury river might be the home of Australia’s very own Loch Ness Monster.

In 2009, a cryptozoologist claimed that he saw the monster in the Hawkesbury River. Since then there were numerous sightings and not only in the river.
Most recently there were speculations that it’s a plesiosaur from the Jurassic period.

History tells tales about kids being attacked by a mysterious creature that snatched children from the shore.
Furthermore, the alleged monster has been accused of flipping fishing boats ever since the river has been used.

Wakehurst Parkway

Photo: YouTube

We’ve all heard about haunted roads. People appearing and disappearing in the backseat, hitchhikers that stay on the side of the road. Although we are somewhat protected when we are in the car, driving on a small dark road in the night can still give you the chills.

That’s the type of road Wakehurst Parkway is. Scary, dark and full of mystery. People driving along this road have experienced wipers ceasing to work and radio interference.

One woman reported the feel of a cold hand on her neck while driving the road at 2 am. Not only that there are numerous incidents and deaths that have happened on and around the road.

All of the above-mentioned mysteries are still unexplained. Although some are obviously man-made, no one really knows how a lake can disappear and reapers by itself.

If you are looking for a good scare this year, why not give Wakehurst Parkway a drive on the night of 31-st? Who knows, you might end up experiencing something unexplained yourself.

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