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How to Hang Pictures on Brick Walls

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Brick walls can bring a modern flair to any room and there is just something cool and industrial about them. However, when it comes to any sort of decoration or renovation, brick walls are a major pain to deal with, unlike changing a light fixture, which sounds hard but actually is easy-breezy. Which brings us to the following topic of how to hand pictures on brick walls. The task may sound simple, but believe us, it’s not just hammering a nail to a wall.

For your convenience, we’ve created this easy to follow guide with all the needed steps on how to hand a picture successfully on a brick wall.

How to hang a picture on a brick wall

Every self-respectable DIY-er knows that the key to a successful decoration project is preparation. With that being said, here is what you need to do:

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Step 1: Gather the tools for the job

The main tool that is required in order to hand a picture to a brick wall is a drill. Still, there are a few other items you need to get before you begin your decoration project such as:

  • Masonry bit – you need this to drill in the holes.
  • Wall anchors – this is for hanging your chosen pictures.
  • Picture hooks or screws – you don’t have to buy these separately, because they are generally sold with the wall anchors.
  • Screwdriver – you can’t go without a good screwdriver. You’re going to use it to secure the wall anchor.
  • Protective eyewear – nobody likes dust in their eyes, so put on some glasses.
  • A vacuum cleaner – drilling means a lot of brick bits and dust. Prepare your hoover so you can immediately tidy up after you are done with the project.
  • A piece of chalk or a marker – it’s better to mark the area you’re going to drill beforehand. This way you won’t end up with a wall that resembles swiss cheese from all the wrong holes you’ve made.

Step 2: Pick your drilling spot and mark it

Ideally, your drilling spot should be in the mortar in between the bricks. Drilling directly into the brick can cause cracks that are hard and expensive to fix. On top of that, bricks are often hollow on the inside and they may not be able to provide proper support for your picture.

Create a mark with a piece of chalk on the area you want to hang your picture and then proceed with the drilling process.

Step 3: Choose a proper masonry bit

Make sure that your masonry bit is the adequate size for the width of the wall anchors. You can try using a drill bit that is ever so smaller than the actual diameter of the wall anchors. Remember the screwdriver we listed earlier? This is where you get to use it to place the anchors in the drilled hole.

Step 4: Drill the anchor hole

Once you’ve marked the spot for your picture, create a hole with the drill. Make sure to put on your protective eye gear first, so you don’t feel like you are in a sandstorm in the middle of the Sahara desert.

Step 5: Insert the wall anchors and tidy up

Screw in the anchors, adjust your picture on the wall and vacuum all of the dust from the ground. That’s it, you are done!

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How to hang pictures on brick walls without drilling

If you don’t feel like drilling and cleaning dust, you can always use pinch hangers. However, this solution isn’t very sturdy and your lovely art piece can end up smashed on the ground.

The only secure way to hang a picture on a brick wall without drilling is to invest in some double-sided industrial tape.

Get a professional to do it for you!

As you can see for yourself, the job of hanging a picture isn’t actually that complicated, but it has its specifics. If you aren’t confident enough that you can do it yourself or just don’t want to risk your perfectly good brick wall getting cracked, why not hire a professional to complete the task for you?

Fantastic Services offers time-saving solutions from the smallest decoration jobs to the most complicated renovation projects. The trained experts we work with, carry all of the required tools to complete the task, so you don’t need to go buy an expensive drill, only to create a single hole. Hurry up and book our service today!

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  • Make sure to buy the right masonry bit for the wall anchors
  • Mark the surface with a marker or chalk before you create the hole
  • Aim for the mortar, otherwise, you’ll have a cracked brick wall
  • Use protective gear so you don’t get dust in your eyes

We hope you found our nifty guide on how to hang pictures on brick walls helpful, and like always, don’t forget to leave your thoughts and experience in the comment section below. Happy decorating!

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