How to Choose the Next Cleaning Company for Your Business

A cleaner cleaning the floor of an office doing a great job.

We all love working in a clean and tidy space. The saying “Clean space, clean mind” stands true here. A cluttered and dirty office can hurt the productivity of your employees. Not to mention the bad impression an unkempt office space can leave on clients and potential investors.

A clean working space can increase morale, improve productivity and improve your company’s image.
To have a clean office, you’ll need to employ a good cleaning company.
It’s important to know how to choose the right janitorial company for your office. What can be potential red flags of a bad cleaning company, and how to determine if your current company isn’t doing their job.

A cleaner How To Tell If Your Current Cleaning Company Does Their Job Well?

If you already use the services of a janitorial company, then you’d first want to know if they do their job well. It’s easy to spot obvious dirty spaces. But there are some things that will help you know if they are doing their job, or if they are cleaning just enough to get by.

Dirty Wet Floors

Look at your feet. Are the floors wet and dirty? If they are, then most likely your choice of janitorial company isn’t the best one.
Dirty floors can ruin the image of any company, so a good cleaning service provider should know this and take care of it.

 Your Cleaning Supplies are Often Empty

A good cleaning company will regularly restock their supplies. Professionals will know the process of charging you for the supplies. And they should regularly give you receipts on what they bought and how much the products cost.

They Don’t Takes Care of the Little Things

The devil is in the details. Do you often notice small areas that cleaned sloppily? Well, so do your clients, visitors and staff!
This could be a turn off for an investor, or a potential client.
What would you think if you see a dirty and neglected office space? Nothing good! So, make sure your cleaning company take care of the little things.

Maintenance Issues aren’t Reported to You

A good janitorial company should alert you when there are maintenance issues. It may not be their job, but it costs nothing to alert the proper people in the company about the problem. They know about it and deal with it.

High Prices

If you see some of the problems mentioned above, plus sky-high prices you should reevaluate if continuing with that company is worth it. A good cleaning company should provide not only the cleaning services. The company and their employees should add value to their clients too.

 What to Look For When Hiring a Cleaning Company

Recognising a bad job done by a cleaning company is important, but you should know what sets apart a company that provides value.

When choosing your next cleaning company, you should interview at least three to four companies. Checking different review sites on the web, where you can see the reviews of their previous clients is also helpful.

As all professionals, you should demand that the janitorial company of choice can provide a proof of insurance. This is an extra layer of protection, that every professional should have. We, at Fantastic Services, wouldn’t suggest working with personnel that doesn’t have insurance.

Take your time when choosing the right cleaning company. It may involve a couple of meetings, but in the long run, it will save you money and valuable time.

You can also demand the cleaning company to provide reference. Every good company should happily provide them.
And last, you should research the history of the company yourself. If the brand is well established for more than five years, they should have a developed cleaning method. This will help them provide the best possible cleaning, at the lowest cost, and the best time out there.

Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Next Cleaning Company

Of course, when meeting with your next potential cleaning company, you should know what to ask. Like a job interview, you can get to know the company with certain questions.

Q1: Ask the company to show you before and after photos from previous clients and projects.

Q2: Discuss who will provide the cleaning supplies. Some companies prefer working with their own products. Of course, they will charge you collectively with the services they provide. 

Q3: Discuss payment. As you are both established businesses there should be no shying away from discussing payments. You should know how much and for what service your company is being charged. This is also a great occasion to see if the company you are about to do business with is on the shady side.

If there are some things that are raising red flags, then you shouldn’t continue. Instead, continue the search for the right cleaning company.

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