Here’s Why Wearing Your Shoes Indoors is a Bad Idea

Dirty footprints from dirty shoes on a carpet.

We’ve all seen it in movies, TV shows and even some of our friends – they’re wearing shoes inside their home. While you may have friends that do it, or you walk inside your home with your shoes on, this might be ruining your health.

Australia is one of those countries where it’s not a mass practice to wear shoes inside, but some people still do it.

The truth is, you’re contaminating your home, bringing in toxins from the outside and potentially harming yourself and your family.


Moving from Sydney to Melbourne

Moving from Sydney to Melbourne Guide

Changing the hustle and bustle of Sydney to settle down in the family-friendly city of Melbourne is a big step.

Whether the reason for relocating is professional growth, or you’re taking the next step in your life and want to raise a family in a more appropriate city this type of logistics are never easy. There’s always too much to plan, think about and research before you take this step.


How to Deal with Pests in your Refrigerator

Dealing with pests in your refrigerator.

The refrigerator in your home is one of the best inventions that we, as humans, have come up with. Before there was no sure way to store food for longer periods of time without it getting spoiled

Sadly, you can still get a pest infestation in your fridge and that’s bad. Those bugs carry diseases that end up crawling and eating your food, and potentially you and your family consuming contaminated food.


How to Clean your Oven Racks with Aluminum Foil

A guide on cleaning dirty oven racks with aluminum foil.

Cooking is a passionate hobby. Whenever someone from the Fantastic Team grabs a pan the kitchen becomes a mess, and a delicious one, mind you!

But you can imagine just how much-burnt food develops on and inside the oven. Luckily we don’t cook daily in the office, but it’s a completely different story with the ovens at home.

So, how you can clean your dirty, burnt food covered oven racks? Easy! There are no expensive detergents involved, just a bit of warm water, baking soda and a ball of aluminium foil.


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