How to Clean Curtains at Home – Definitive Guide

How to clean curtains.

Curtains are a fascinating feature of the home décor. They are not just mere means of keeping sunlight at bay and curious neighbours’ eyes away from your privacy. They are also a valuable home accessory. Using curtains and drapes as focal points in a room can significantly enhance your interior design. However, they are also constantly exposed to direct sunlight, with dust particles coming from both in and outdoors.


5 Tips For Organising Your Home for a Party

Organising your home for a party.

If you’re getting ready to throw a fun end of summer party or just getting some friends together for a weekend gathering, there’s no doubt that some organisation and preparation will be involved. Cleaning up your home for guests can be a process and a stressful one at that.

However, it doesn’t have to be with a little motivation, dedication, or even a little help from friends or family. Here are five tips for preparing your home for your next party.


Common Bugs Mistaken for Bedbugs

The pests that look like bed bugs but aren't!

Mother nature has “gifted” us with a wide variety of insect species. Some of them have a very distinguished look and you just can’t mistake them for anything else. However, there are types of bugs that look so similar that there is no chance of figuring out what you are faced with. This is the case with bed bugs.


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