How to Throw a Great Garden Party!

We show you how to throw a garden party.

No one can make “a perfect’’ garden party, but we are all able to throw an amazing one. Of course, the attendees always play a big part on how to the party turns out, but we can still control the outcome.

In order to be remembered as the best garden party thrower among your friends, and we’re here to help you. So, let’s take a look at some cool garden games, that will keep your guests entertained.


Hazardous Pests That May Pose a Threat to all Australian Restaurants

Fly landed on food in a restaurant.

While running a restaurant is about cooking delicious food and delivering an experience your clients love, you, as a restaurant owner need to think about the cleanliness of the restaurant.

The kitchen of any place that handles food must have impeccable hygiene. However, every restaurant, no matter how high-end it is, is threatened by a pest infestation. This is a real problem, and an often met one in Australia.

With more than 50,000 restaurants, coffees and takeaway places all over Australia, infestations are an ongoing battle.

But worry not! There are practices that can help you eradicate and prevent an infestation in your restaurant or café.


How To Design Your Home Office For Productivity

The little design tricks that can help you with productivity in your home office.
Unsplash/Domenico Loia

Working from home can be both a blessing and a curse. You have the opportunity to make money from the comfort of your own home. Yet, it takes a couple of days to completely lose your motivation and start wasting time on insignificant tasks.

To avoid wasting your days you can leverage interior design. From the colours your room is painted in, to the way you organise it – your home office should supplement your workflow and continuously help you.


How to Choose the Next Cleaning Company for Your Business

A cleaner cleaning the floor of an office doing a great job.

We all love working in a clean and clutter-free environment. The saying “Clean space, clean mind” stands true here. A cluttered and dirty office can hurt the productivity of your employees. Not to mention the bad impression an unkempt office space can leave on clients and potential investors. But how can you hire a cleaning company for your business and know that they will do their job well?


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