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Possum-Proof Your Garden: Fence Installation and More

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One of the most constant pest threats to your garden throughout the year is the possum. Possums are clever creatures and have opposable thumbs that help them pick food and can be very mischievous. In Australia, it is illegal to harm them and disturb their habitat. So, the best way to deal with them is to possum-proof your garden and stop them from entering it in the first place with the help of netting and fence improvements. If they somehow manage to enter it, you should opt for repellents to stop them from touching your crops.

So if you:

  • want to keep possums off your fence;
  • are wondering how to keep them away from your garden;
  • are looking for a way to prevent possums from coming back in your garden;

Then, keep on reading.

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Installing a floppy wire fence

One obvious method to stop possums from entering your garden patch and snacking on your crops is to build fencing around it. But a regular fence just won’t work – possums are really good at climbing. They don’t like to climb on unstable and shaky branches, though. This is where building a floppy wire fence around your patch becomes a good idea. The part that stops possums from running along the fence and climbing over it is the floppy top – once they reach it, they will most likely turn around and retreat.

The most important thing you need to build a floppy wire fence or add a floppy top to your existing one is, of course, wire netting. Another thing to keep in mind when building a new possum-proof fence is to make it either entirely from wire netting, or if you are using wood – go for smoother planks and iron posts to help keep possums off the fence. The floppy part on top should overhang on the outside of your garden. If you have trouble installing a possum-proof wire fence, you can always ask a professional to help you.

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Topping your fence with spikes

If you are looking for an easy DIY solution to possum-proof your garden and stop these marsupials and other intruders from entering your green space, placing possum deterrent spikes on your fence is the way to go. Possum fence spikes are designed not to harm the creatures but to stop them from climbing up and over your existing fence and getting their paws on your favourite crops. They are made of plastic and this makes them relatively cheap to buy. Deterrent spikes are also pretty easy to install on your own. Just screw them on or glue them to your fence and you’re done. Spikes also provide good protection from other climbing animals and even against opportunist burglars.

Protecting your garden with an electric fence

Another great way to stop pests, and especially possums, from entering your property is to surround your garden with an electric fence. Electric fences are safe for animals – they just produce a very small electric shock that is aimed at scaring pests off, instead of hurting them. An electric fence is also a good way to keep your pets in your property if they have a habit of escaping a lot.

Electric fences for possums are sold in many hardware stores and pet supplies shops, and are a simple DIY install. You can get an electric fence that installs on top of your existing wooden one to stop possums from climbing over. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to mount it correctly. An electric fence can also be used to surround a specific plant for example, which makes it a good alternative for protecting your crops.

Tree guards

Possums are natural climbers and trees in your property are like ladders that help them get to higher ground. These creatures often take shelter in the crawl space between your roof and ceiling and can cause a lot of discomfort for you and your family, as well as damage your home and garden. The usual way they get into that crawl space is by climbing on a nearby tree. So,to stop possums from running up and down on your trees, you can install a possum guard.

Tree guards are usually made of plastic that surrounds a large part of the tree trunk making it impossible for the possum to hold on to it and climb. You can make them on your own or buy premade ones from specialised stores or online. All you need to install them is a cordless drill, a sharp utility knife and a measuring tape.

Using smell to repel possums

Possums have a good sense of smell, which they use to sense predators and stay away from them. If you want to keep them from eating flowers and fruits in your garden patch, a good way to stop them is with smells and tastes that they hate.

Possums hate smells, such as:

  • Camphor
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Fish smell
  • Mothballs

They also don’t like the taste of these and more:

  • Molasses
  • Hot peppers
  • Black tea

This is good to know what smells repel possums because you can use those things, mentioned above, to make a possum repellent at home. Of course, specialised repellents, including synthetic predator odours, are also sold, so if you want, you can buy them ready to use.

You should spray or place the repellent on and around your crops, near the entry points of possums to your garden and in possible hiding places. This will make sure the critters will stay away from your fruits and flowers.

Keep in mind that some smells and tastes may work on one animal but may not be a barrier for another. Possums can also learn to ignore bad smells and tastes. Applying a repellent should be a regular practice to ensure it works properly. You should use a possum repellent as a secondary measure to protect your garden along with the ideas we’ve given you above.

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  • Consider adding floppy wire fencing around your garden to stop possums from entering it.
  • Possum deterrent spikes are another great way to possum-proof your fence.
  • Electric fences do not harm possums and that is a good thing to keep in mind because harming possums in Australia is illegal.
  • Stop the critters from climbing on your trees with tree guards.
  • Using a possum repellent is a good way to protect your fruits and flowers and can be made with common household items.

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