The beloved Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II has begun her 66th year of reign. She is the longest ruling monarch in the history of the United Kingdom and there are some very interesting things about the Queen that you most likely don’t know about.

Things that are rarely shared to the public, or just forgotten because they happened a long time ago.

Here are our 13 favourite facts about The Queen!

1. The Queen Has Two Birthdays

It’s known that The Queen celebrates her birthday twice a year. The first one (April 21) is her original date of birth. However, April didn’t seem too appropriate for a month to be held celebrations, so the celebration is held during May or June. The date that it’s held varies from year to year but usually coincides with Britain’s annual military pageant.

2. She Was the First Monarch to Open the Gates to Buckingham Palace

When the Windsor castle suffered from fire damage in 1993 Queen Elizabeth had to repair it. It turned out that the money had to come from somewhere, so Her Majesty opened the doors of Buckingham Palace for the public.

3. The First in Ireland

Since the Republic of Ireland gained its independence British monarchs haven’t been paying a visit. That is until Queen Elizabeth II did so breaking the long period by visiting the Republic of Ireland herself.

4. Queen Lilibet

Back when Her Majesty was a mere princess her little sister called her “Lilibet”. This was presumably because she couldn’t pronounce the full name of Queen Elizabeth II.

5. More Nicknames…

Through the years it became more apparent that The Queen had more than one nickname. It’s supposed that her husband, Duke of Edinburgh calls her “Cabbage”, and her great-grandchild, the rockstar-since-birth Prince George calls her “Gran-Gran”.

6. Kotuku?

Sounds strange? That’s because in Maori she’s called Kotuku. This roughly translates to The White Heron.

7. Her Special Australian Title

Whenever The Queen finds herself visiting us here in Australia her official title is Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of Australia and Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth. We’ll stick with Lilibet.

8. The Queen and The BBQ

In 2011 Queen Elizabeth joined tens of thousands of people at a big Aussie barbecue. The event was held in Perth and was right before she left the country for what was possibly her last visit.

9. The Queen Participated in WW2

Hard to believe, but she did. In fact. Her Majesty was the one which insisted on this. Finally, when she turned 18 was trained and served as a truck mechanic and driver. To this day she is the only female royal to have entered the armed forces and the only living head of state to have served in WW2.

10. Queen Elizabeth II Didn’t Take Her Name From Queen Elizabeth I-st

In fact, she took her name from her mother, Elizabeth, her great-grandmother, Queen Alexandra, and her paternal grandmother, Queen Mary. This makes her full name Elizabeth Alexandra Mary.

11. She Used Coupons to Pay for Her Wedding Dress

Times were rough, and England was still suffering post-war. The economy was bad, and she used ration coupons to pay for her wedding dress. Well, she was also supplemented with 200 coupons by the government. The dress was very elegant, having ivory duchess silk, encrusted with pearls and it took whole six months to be made.

12. The Queen Doesn’t Need a Driving License

We suppose Her Majesty is a great driver, because of her WW2 service, but The Queen doesn’t need to have a driving license issued, because all documents in the UK are issued in her name. She even drove the Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah. It gets funnier when you know that women in Saudi Arabia weren’t allowed to drive, but the Queen did it anyways.

13. In Her Life, She Only Missed One Christmas Message

And The Queen had a good reason to do so. In 1969 the TV aired a documentary about her that year, and she thought that the public had seen enough of her that year, so skipped the message.

The Queen has an amazingly long reign, most trough years of piece, thankfully. While Australia is independent, we still consider her as our own, paying her tribute every year. With her birthday coming closer, The Fantastic Team was wondering what facts do you know about her that is interesting?

Share them below!

Image source: Shutterstock/Shaun Jeffers

  • Last update: June 14, 2019

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