No one can make “a perfect’’ garden party, but we are all able to throw an amazing one. Of course, the attendees always play a big part on how to the party turns out, but we can still control the outcome.

In order to be remembered as the best garden party thrower among your friends, and we’re here to help you. So, let’s take a look at some cool garden games, that will keep your guests entertained.

The Best Garden Party Ideas

When deciding on the decoration, the games and the drinks/food that will be at your garden party, you will have to take in consideration what they like. Are they fans of board games? Or, do they enjoy delicious seafood?

It’s best to cater the party to their taste. This is what every great party host would do.

Garden Party Decoration

Being the biggest mood setter for your party, the decoration should be thought out thoroughly.

Everything from lights, DIY decorations, flowers, plates and anything that can be considered as decor will be important for the feel of the party.

  • Candle Lanterns
    They are amazing for adding a more personal feel to the whole experience. If this is what you want for your garden party, then definitely try to make them by yourself.
    Here you can read more on how to DIY them.
  • Gazebo with Paper Lanterns
    Gazebos are amazing for dining in the backyard. If your garden allows it, then definitely invest into one, as you can always dine on the open when the weather allows it.
    The paper lanterns are another amazing DIY decoration that will set the mood for the night, and will gently flicker in the background.
  • Beautiful Invitations
    Creating beautiful invitations for your guests will set the mood before they even arrive at the party. We suggest you put in the time and make customize them for every guest.
  • Vintage Garden Party
    It’s always fun to go back a couple of decades a re-live your favourite years. We suggest you dress the same way it was fashionable back then, playing the most popular music from those years, and having anything that reminds you of back then.

Food and Beverages for a Garden Party

Having delicious food at the party will always be a must. You’d want your garden party to have amazing, and delicious food.

Invest in nice beverages as well. Ask what the attendees prefer to drink, and cater the drinks to their taste. Here are food and beverage ideas for your garden party.

  • Beverage Station
    If you plan to have more than 10 people attending at your garden party, then you may want to set up an easily accessible beverage station. This would make things easier for you, as you don’t have to make sure every guest has a drink. They can have themselves.
  • Making a Watermelon Keg
    The fun watermelon kegs are the perfect beverage dispenser for yard parties. The summer vibes watermelons have are everyone’s favourite. On top of that, you can make nice cocktails mixed with the watermelon you had to remove when doing the keg.
  • Food Station in a Dappled Shade
    Just like the beverage station, a food station will allow your guests free access to food. It’s always a great idea to position both stations in proximity of each other.
    Of course, if you plan to have your yard party in the evening, you can feel free to place it wherever comfortable.
  • A Simple BBQ
    There is nothing like throwing a simple BBQ party in your backyard. The delicious food, wonderful socializing and just spending some quality time with friends makes barbecue parties so nice.

Garden Party Games

While snacks, drinks and giggles are great, you may want to toss in a fun game during your yard party. Ensuring that your guests are constantly occupied means that they will have a great time.

Just like the drinks and setting of your party, the games should be catered towards your guests. If you know them, then you can easily choose what games you should play.

If you don’t exactly know what they prefer, then you may want to ask them first. Here are some of the Fantastic team favourite party games.

  • Hoopla
    Absolute party classic, the hoopla game is simple, fun, and everyone can play it. This is an amazing choice for people who want to have fun, but don’t want to break a sweat why doing so.
  • Skittles
    Going to the bowling can be much less of a hassle. While not everyone can afford a private bowling alley at home, all of us can play Skittles at our garden parties.
  • Bean Bag Toss
    There is something fun about throwing corn filled bags and trying to get it in the hole. If that’s your cup of tea then you should give it a try at your next garden gathering. You can even DIY the game.
  • DIY Mud Run
    While not for everyone, a mud run can be really fun. If your garden allows it, or you have access to a place that does, then you and your friends should definitely give it a try.
    If all of you like to participate in competitions, then try a mud run competition with a price for the winner.

Organising and a garden party can be a fun activity. Don’t forget you can you can make a use of the garden at your office and throw a party there, your colleagues will thank you. Of course, the way you organize it and the attendees’ matter, but if you make the things right, it’s guaranteed that everyone will have a great time.

And hire someone to clean after the party!

Grab your deserved rest and leave someone else to do the hard work!

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  • Last update: April 17, 2020

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