Interesting Facts About Our Services!

The interesting facts about our services

It’s always fun learning new things! It was even more interesting while we collected these facts about the services that we provide.

You’ll be amazed by some of the things that we have featured in our infographic!

All our services and interesting facts about them

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Fantastic Pest Control
Termites are social insects
The only social insects that don’t go through metamorphosis, in fact.

Rodents are quite intelligent
Their brain power is amazing for such a small size. Just like us, they have the ability to learn and make decisions based on the things that they have learned.

The reproduce really fast
They can mate up to 500 times in just 6 hours, and once they are 3 months old they are ready to have babies.

If you have a pet rodent it will love you
They also get depressed if they are separated with their friends

Mosquitos are real killers
Historically they have killed more people than all the wars humanity has waged combined

Fantastic Cleaners
The mattress is one of the dirtiest places in your home
Studies have found that millions of bacteria live where you sleep!

More than 30% of people tidy up before the cleaners arrive
This is a huge help to cleaners since we often feel uncomfortable moving your possessions when cleaning.

The dust in your house is mostly you
Up to 80% of household dust is compiled of dead skin cells.

The kitchen sink has more germs than the toilet
Cleaning it on a daily basis is a must!

Carpets can be scary
If not properly maintained a square meter of carpet can hold up to 1kg of bacteria.

Fantastic Handyman
Renovation is pretty popular
If you’re planning on doing any renovations this year, then you are among the 40% who also are. 

Room renovations are the most popular choice
Around 31% of the best choice remodels is a simple room renovation.

Women have the upper hand when planning a home remodel.
Surveys show that 85% of the decisions that have to be taken when remodelling is taken by the woman in the family.

They also spend 50% more than men on remodels.
the bathroom is their most common choice for renovation.

One out of Five women have an expensive tool collection.
We’ll let that sink. 

Fantastic Gardeners
Lemons, watermelons, tomatoes, and oranges are from the same family.
They are all berries!

There are more than 7 billion organisms in one tea spoon of soil.
That’s more than the number of people on Earth right now!

Orange carrots are unnatural.
In fact, they first appeared in the 17th century. Before they used to be purple, yellow or white. 

Tulips cost more than gold in the 16-th century.
The Tulip Mania of the Dutch Golden Age. This began when a virus changed the colour of tulips. 

The world’s oldest plant was discovered back in 2002.
It resembles a water lily. Scientist found out that it had bloomed more than 125 million years ago!

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Last update: January 24, 2019

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