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As Fantastic Services Australia continues to grow and conquer new grounds, we decided that it’s a great idea to keep you informed on the latest news and stories. Here’s what has been happening the last month.

We Launched Our Fantastic Club!

We launched our Fantastic Club. This would allow members to receive a special 15% discount when booking a non-hourly service for the first time.

By doing this we ensure that our loyal clients will get the best service possible at the lowest price. Some of the perks of being a Fantastic Club member are:

  • An awesome 15% discount on a first non-hourly service.
  • A chance to generate 15% online credit with every next booking of a non-hourly service.
  • $1 per hour off for regular cleaning.

You can read the full list by checking our article. There you can see how to sign up and become a member yourself.

Rune Got Featured in The Telegraph!

Although in the UK edition of the renowned tabloid, we got featured in the International Trade section.

There, Rune, co-founder of Fantastic Services shares the inspiration of starting a business in Australia and the similarities and differences of running a business in the UK and Australia.

You can read the full article here: Meet the Entrepreneurs Trying to Crack Australia

Fantastic Services Got a Featured in a Video of The Career Resource Institute!

As a company that ensures only the best, Summer Shadforth of Fantastic Cleaners Australia had the chance to speak with The Career Resource Institute on how to search and choose your next job.

There she suggests that if you have a stable job at the moment it’s best to take your time and check as many offers as possible in order to ensure the best choice and optimal payment.

You can watch the full video here.

Rune Shares His 6 Fantastic Steps to Starting a Franchise

Our co-founder Rune Sovndahl wrote for the business and economy website Business, Business, Business where he got down to the 6 fundamental of starting a franchise.

There he discussed what every franchise start-up should do in order to have a successful beginning. You can read Rune’s article and learn from his business experience in order to ensure that you have a good start in your future venture.

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