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How to Become a Fantastic Club Member

Become a club member and get preferential rates for your first non-hourly service! Being responsible for your home is something that we cannot ever appreciate enough. We, at Fantastic Services, are proud to be able to provide you with services that save you time and money! Now we want to introduce something that will make using our services better for you!

You can now join our special Fantastic Club and start saving money on services you use.

How you can benefit from the Fantastic Club?

Becoming an exclusive member means that you get the latest deals, and some special ones too! While becoming a club member can be awesome for our relationship, here are some things that you get!

  • 15% discount on a first booked non-hourly service + 15 % online credit into the account!
    All Fantastic Club members get a flat discount of 15% when they book a non-houry service for the very first time! A 15 % online credit also accumulates into their account, which they can use later.
  • Various exclusive deals just for members!
    Continuous exclusive deals, constantly updated for our Fantastic Members! By being a member you get access to regular deals that apply only to Fantastic Club.

How to become a Fantastic Club member?

Getting your Fantastic Club membership couldn’t be easier! In just a couple of easy steps, you can start saving money, and receive exclusive deals for your own!

  • Get the “GoFantastic” App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Select a service and choose the desired timeslot.
  • Click on the “Join the Fantastic Club” button.
    By clicking the button the app will automatically add the $89 annual price and update the price!
  • Continue with the booking by providing the needed information.
    New to Fantastic Services? No worries! A personal account will be created for you where you can see all your bookings, services and personal information!
  • The next time you would like to book a service just log in!
    It’s the easiest way to book a Fantastic service. Log into your account, specify a service and time and book! The account will automatically apply the discount to the final price.

You can also do it from the convenience of your personal computer and sign up from this form or purchase it from any of the Fantastic booking forms on our websites!

And that’s it! Simple, fast and secure. Book anywhere on the go with GoFantastic or by logging in your Fantastic Account and receive your 15% discount on your non-hourly service. All hourly services, on the other hand, also have special rates for members!

Join the Fantastic Club today and take advantage of all great benefits!

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