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How to Organise an Easter Egg Hunt

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Who doesn’t like to spend Easter with family and friends? Just by mentioning Easter in most of our heads pops up a picture of fun, laugh and… egg hunting!

In Australia, egg hunting, or also known as Easter scavenger hunting is an event most of us have participated in when we were younger.
While you are most likely the organizer of the Easter egg hunting events, they are still a lot of fun.

So, let’s take a look on how you can make a great Easter egg hunting event, the basic rules, some fun additions to the event, and how to make the scavenger hunt appropriate for adults as well.

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The basic rules of Easter scavenger hunting games

As Easter egg hunts are meant to be played by a lot of participants you’ll need to set some rules.

The rules will help you keep the game fun and the participants under control. Here are the basic rules of Easter egg hunts:

  • The eggs should be hidden
    The eggs should be well hidden. After all, the kids are playing an egg hunt. Additionally, you can leave a couple of easy to find eggs for the youngest children participating.
    If you have other treats make sure to hide them well too.
  • Instruct the kids to be careful 
    When it comes to fun and games, it’s all good, however, we all know kids can easily turn that 180 degrees around and, poof the fun is gone. When you see the full group of kids, instruct the bigger ones to be careful with younger children.
    Make sure you brief them on being nice with each other and help when there is trouble.
  • Only one winner
    While it’s nice everyone to win, this cheapens the first place. Make sure all kids get treasures and sweets, however, there should be only one winner of the scavenger hunt event.

How to make a scavenger hunt for kids /

While planning an Easter Egg Hunt for kids isn’t that hard, you will still have to carefully inspect the hunting area. It’s best to be done in a place where soft grass grows. Children tend to fall quite a bit and you wouldn’t want them to get hurt. It’s also best to avoid hiding treats and eggs in bushes where kids can hurt themselves.

In order to make things more fun, and to keep the hunt going you can write your own Easter scavenger hunt clues. While they require quite a bit of work in order to make them sound nice, Scavenger Hunt riddles and clues will keep the kids searching for the treats.

If the participants are too young to read, then you can include the parents, making the whole event a pretty fun race between parents and kids. Of course, in order to avoid overly excited parents, you can let the kids bring the clues to the parents where they can read them out loud and let the kids search for the treats.

You can make an Easter scavenger hunt where every egg contains a set of puzzle pieces. The kid that is ready with the jigsaw firs wins.

Or, you can let them write their own desires. We all know children love to skip a day of chores. Let them hunt empty eggs and depending on how many eggs they find, they can later write what their prizes are, e.g. skipping doing the dishes, skipping chores, etc.

How to make an Easter egg hunt for adults

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While hosting an egg hunt for kids can be a great way to catch up with their parents, the adult scavenger hunts are where all the fun is. It’s fun to play egg hunt the same way you did when you were a kid, however, you can make things so much more fun now.

As you make the rules, you decide how the Easter Egg Hunt will go. As this type of events tends to end fast, you can prolong it by having different fun games (e.g. games you and your friends used to play when you were kids).
A nice brunch, some alcoholic beverages and a group of your best friends are all it’s needed to get the party started.

The Easter Scavenger Hunt can have all kinds of prizes. Movie tickets, lottery tickets, vouchers and even some larger gifts hidden in hard to find places can be included in the price.

And of course, make things harder! This would ensure that all of the participants really earn their awards. Camouflage the eggs, hide them in hard to reach places, and if you have the time – come up with hard to solve riddles!

It’s all about fun, so make sure you don’t get overly competitive in the race. Keep things casual, and everyone will get their share.
What is your favourite Easter game? Share it with us below!

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