We all know how messy kids can be. While their happiness is irreplaceable, we, as parents would love to have a rest from the chaos kids create.

There is no better way to teach children to keep things tidy than to make them clean their own mess. Having kids to do chores from a young age is important for them, as it teaches discipline and it gives them a sense of responsibility.

So, as a way to keep your bambinos busy, you can make them help around the house with different things.

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How Chores Can Help Your Kids

Chores are mandatory for the proper development of your kids. Every time they accomplish something, kids feel capable. Even if they are just making their bed, your children will feel they are part of the team.

A 70+ year study from The Harvard University proved that people who did chores as kids grew up to be more independent.

But if you’re a first-time parent it may be a bit hard for you to understand how to properly assign chores. Well, we at Fantastic Services have you backed up with age-appropriate chores you can assign to your kids.

From two to four years old

Kids at this age should do easy tasks. This is the perfect time to teach them responsibility for their possessions. Chores such as putting their toys away and tidying their room are perfect. You can also include brushing teeth in the morning and before bed, as well as washing hands when they get home, after going to the bathroom and before and after dinner.

Four to six year old

At this age, kids should take more responsibilities. Making their beds in the morning and before bed. This is the perfect opportunity to start giving them tasks around the house. Kids can help you with dusting the lower parts of the drawers and also sorting the laundry. Another great little chore is to make them fix and fluff the decorative pillows on the couch.

Six to eight-year-olds

Kids can help out throughout the house more. Make taking out the trash a daily chore, rake the leaves on the lawn, help with weeding if you have a garden. Other great chores are sweeping and mopping the floor. If you have a pet at home the kids can feed it.

Nine to twelve-year-olds

Get your kids familiar with household appliances. They can start using the washing machine and the dryer. Get them to wash the dishes or load the dishwasher. Also, any additional housework can be assigned. Kids are big enough to handle a vacuum cleaner as well.

Twelve to fifteen-year-olds

Kids grow up and as they do they should start taking more responsibility. Kids should take care of their personal belongings such as clothes, technology, shoes, school books, etc. This is also a great time for them to start buying their own clothes.

At the age of fourteen, teenagers should be responsible for their pocket money.

Fifteen and above

Kids tend to get more and more responsibilities after they turn fifteen. Short after they turn 15 most kids get their driving licenses and they should be responsible for any car they drive.
They can also find a job and learn more about money managing, etc.

Giving your kids responsibilities is very important for their upbringing. Of course, you can adjust the above-given list to your children, and how responsible they are.

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  • Last update: April 17, 2020

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