Having a roommate is tough, especially when they are known to spread diseases and cause damage to cables and wood structures in your home. A mice infestation, even a small one, can cause serious troubles, not to mention the complications that may follow if left to grow.

The good news is that there are various ways to cope with the problem. The fastest and easier one involves a call to a local licensed pest controller, who can evaluate and deal with the infestation on site. The other is to try and catch the furry intruders yourself. We can help you with this task by giving you the effective methods, along with instructions on how to permanently get rid of mice in your house.

Steps to Get Rid of Mice in The House

Why you should not underestimate a mouse infestation?

Where there is one mouse, chances are more will follow. As long as these rodents have easy access to food and warmth, they will breed fast. The fact that the house mouse is used to humans and can easily adapt in urbanised areas doesn’t make things any better. In addition to multiplying fast, a mouse’s presence in your home also brings a risk of:

  • Structural damage to your home and possessions – Mice are notorious for their need to gnaw on different materials. In a house, they can use various things from paper to wooden furniture, textile and even wires. This poses a severe risk of fires in the property, which are not that uncommon.
  • Spreading disease – Mice can spoil the food and contaminate the surfaces they walk on, endangering your family’s health. They can be carriers of diseases such as endemic typhus and Rickettsialpox
  • Infestation with other pests – Considering their way of life, it is common for mice to carry fleas and ticks, exposing you to them, too.   
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So, how to effectively get rid of the mice?

This may take a while depending on the location and size of the mouse infestation. Nonetheless, when done correctly you can be sure that the results will be as expected. Here is how to do it:

Inspect your property

First, you need to know what you are dealing with. It is not necessary to see a mouse to be sure that you have an infestation. Hearing scratching, rustling noises inside walls and ceiling, as well as the presence of droppings, are enough signs to know that you have visitors that you need to get rid of.

Inspect the areas where you hear the sounds, mice usually prefer roofs, walls, as well as the kitchen, where they can easily access food. If you can find out where they are nesting, the next steps will be easier. 

Locate and seal entry points

Why fight the furry intruders inside if there is a chance for more to get in? Mice are relatively small and this gives them the ability to squeeze through pretty much any whole. If your finger can fit through an opening, then you can be sure that a mouse can use it to enter your house.

So, make sure any cracks, along with holes on walls and roofs are sealed. Also, check windows and doors and make sure every opening is covered there, too. Mice can gnaw their way through wood and rubber, so keep this in mind when choosing cover options. 

Choose your method: mouse traps or poison

Mouse traps

The effectiveness of mouse traps has been tested and proven enough. In order to catch the rodents successfully, though, you will have to use three or more traps and make sure that they are placed at the right spots – preferably in the centre of the infestation.

There is also the matter of picking a type of mouse trap that you feel comfortable using. The most popular you can find these days are:

  • Snap traps – Easy to use and affordable, the snap traps can help you get rid of a large number of mice since they can be used multiple times. Whether made from wood or plastic, you need to be careful when setting the metal snap bar. It has a strong closing power that can hurt your fingers. Consider also the fact that you will have to remove the dead mouse from the traps, which can be challenging and unpleasant. 
  • Catch and release traps – If you are looking for a humane way to get rid of the mice in your home, then this is the one. Made from plastic or metal, these types of traps allow you to catch the intruder without killing it and release it later. If you decide on the latter, we advise you to do it as far away from your home as possible, otherwise, the mouse can find its way back. 
  • Electric mouse traps – If you wish for a more modern approach, there are also electric traps that use a jolt of electricity to instantly kill the rodent. However, they come at a higher price in comparison to the other alternatives and should be kept dry at all times.
  • Glue traps – While easy to find, the glue traps are also considered inhumane. Once a mouse is stuck to the surface, it dies slowly without water and food. Therefore, think twice before choosing this option. 

Give the rodents time to get used to the snap trap in their territory before you try to actually catch one with it. Entice them with some tasty peanut butter, chocolate, nuts or meat that they love so much. Let them eat the bait two-three times and feel comfortable before you set the trap.


While very efficient, poison can be also very dangerous, especially with kids and pets around who can accidentally ingest it. There are various types of mouse poison on the market and you need to understand well how they work and what to expect. Setting up bait stations also requires careful consideration.

It’s not only the infestation proximity that plays a role but also the importance of lack of access for family members and pets to the poison. In this case, it would be better and safer to rely on a pest controller who is already familiar with the chemical and process. 

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Include your pet in the fight

Pets can be your partners on this mission to permanently rid your house of mice. Cats are excellent hunters and their instincts can help you locate even an early infestation. Dogs can join in on the fun, too. Some breeds like Cairn Terrier or Dachshund are known to hunt rodents very well. 

Ask for a professional’s help when necessary

Whether it comes to a basic inspection to determine a mouse infestation or professional rodent treatment, do not hesitate to contact a specialist when you need a hand.

Some DIY pest control methods involve a high risk for your health and, of course, there is also the matter of removing the dead mice. When you can rely on a professional mouse exterminator, you won’t have to bother with any of this and still have a rodent-free house in the end.  

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How to make your home less attractive to mice?

Getting rid of mice for good is one thing, but there is also the issue of keeping these sneaky rodents away from the place. The main thing that attracts them is the free food and water sources, combined with a safe and cosy environment. So, there are a few important things to do to protect your property:

  • Keep your home clean on the inside, as well as on the outside – Do not leave food out in the open, this is an invitation for rodents to come in and feast. Also, maintain good hygiene of all areas in the house, which will help you avoid dealing with other types of pests, too. Keep the external area of your property clean, meaning that any shrubs need to be pruned regularly. 
  • Get rid of clutter – There are parts of the house that are simply prone to clutter, such as the attic or even the garage. And clutter is a mouse’s favourite hiding place. Therefore, do your best to keep the clutter to a minimum.  
  • Occasionally check for holes and openings – You never know when a mouse may decide to try and sneak into your home. Even though you may have sealed some cracks and holes once, over time others may appear that will need your attention. 


  • The moment you notice the first signs of a mouse’s presence in your home, take action immediately. This will save you the troubles of dealing with a serious mouse infestation later on.
  • Regularly check all areas of your home, especially the high-risk ones like the garage and attic for any holes and cracks that the rodents can use to enter into your home. Seal them completely.
  • Choose to get rid of the mice in your place with a method that you know you can handle. Mouse traps are very effective, but when they are placed at strategic spots. Poison needs to be handled with care, as it is dangerous for both the rodents and yourself. If you have questions or you need a professional’s opinion, you can always contact us
  • Last update: June 9, 2020

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