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How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost

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When it comes to cleaning carpets, there’s quite a bit more than meets the eye. You need the right detergents and equipment, and frankly, it’s no wonder why so many people choose professional services. But is it worth it? Is the price an indicator of quality and what does the service include? If you:

  • Are wondering why quotes from different companies differ drastically;
  • Just want a basic understanding of the service, to protect yourself from being duped;
  • Wonder what professional carpet cleaning includes that makes is so expensive,

Then read on, because this post is will answer your questions!

Table of Contents:

Why have your carpets professionally cleaned?

The benefits of having a clean carpet far surpass only the visual aspect of the job:

  • Improved health – carpets can become full of dust particles, dust mites and bacteria. This in turn can trigger allergic reactions and even lead to respiratory problems such as asthma. Regular vacuuming removes the top layer of dust and dirt, but it’s not enough in the long run.
  • Minimise mould growth – carpets near large furniture where airflow is reduced are prone to develop mould. The chances of your dirty carpets developing mould are even higher if you live near the sea. If you don’t see any mould but sense a musty smell, then the problem has already started.
  • Reduced traffic lane effects – you have probably seen carpets which have a line in the middle that’s slightly darker or discoloured. Well, that’s because off all the foot traffic and no cleaning.
  • Enhanced room appearance – a carpet adds cosiness to a room and is usually a great final touch. A dirty carpet in a clean room makes the room look messy as well.
  • Increased carpet life – dust and dirt get embedded in the carpet fibres over time. This in turn makes the fibres split and deteriorate. That’s why regular cleaning is important.
  • Easy maintenance – when your carpet is cleaned of the more serious embedded dirt it is easier to be maintained that way with just regular vacuuming.
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Carpet Pricing Factors

How much a carpet cleaning service costs depends on several factors which we always take into consideration. Afterwards we can give you the final estimate. These factors include:

  • Number of rooms and their sizes – sometimes it’s just one room, sometimes it might be your entire property. And how knows, that one room might be the size of an entire property as well. This will not only help with the price estimation, but also with the time estimation.
  • Are there rugs which need cleaning and their sizes – there’s no point in having only your carpets cleaned. Might as well hit two birds with one stone and have your rugs professionally cleaned as well.
  • Carpet material – this is especially important because it will determine the proper cleaning method. Delicate hand woven carpets must only be dry cleaned, whereas the rest of the standard ones always get the steam cleaning treatment.
  • Does your property have a lift and which floor are you on – the professional cleaning equipment is very heavy.
  • Do you want extra stuff – Examples include stain protector or deodoriser.

With Fantastic Services, you can find out what is the price for your carpet cleaning by filling out our booking form. Not only that, but you can also check our schedule and choose the right time and day for you.

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How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost (Price list)

Property Fantastic Club* Standard
Bedroom $30 $35
Living Room $38 $45
Hallway $13 $15
Flight of Stairs $30 $35

Minimum for the service is $95

What’s included in the service and what to expect from it

  1. Moving light furniture so it wouldn’t get in the way while cleaning (some companies may charge you for this).
  2. Pre-Inspections to determine the right carpet material and afterwards choosing the suitable cleaning method.
  3. Vacuuming to remove all surface dirt and chunks of old dried up mud.
  4. Pre-treatment of any stains or dark patches with cleaning solution.
  5. Rinsing the treated patches and extracting 90% of the moisture with all the dirt that is left.
  6. Deodorising carpet (if you’ve ordered it).
  7. It takes a carpet about 3 to 6 hours and about 8 to 12 hours for upholstery to dry depending on the material and how ventilated the room is.

Professional cleaning methods

  • Hot water extraction – used on all kinds of synthetic and wool carpets. After vacuuming the technician will activate the steam cleaning machine. It sprays hot water under high pressure onto the carpet fibres and extracts it at the same time. After the procedure, the carpet will be damp, so we recommend to open all the windows for maximum air flow and quick drying time.
  • Dry carpet cleaning – used only for delicate fabric carpets, which can’t be cleaned otherwise due to shrinkage. After vacuuming, the technician will cover the carpet with a dry powder and rub it in with a rotary bonnet machine. The powder will absorb all the dirt in several minutes, after which it will be removed with a vacuum. Be advised this procedure is mainly for refreshing purposes and might not remove any tough and old stains.
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The risks of DIY carpet cleaning

We have so many cleaning products on the shop shelves nowadays it’s overwhelming. Each product promises to restore your carpet to its former glory. You need to know what materials your carpet is made out of, otherwise you can permanently damage it with the wrong kind of detergent. Then comes the extraction machine itself.

Should you rent or should you buy? You can rent one, however, know that rented machines often lack enough power to fully extract the cleaning detergent. Your carpet will look clean after the procedure, but that will be only on the surface. Cleaning detergent will probably still be stuck in the fibers absorbing dirt. The result will be a dark and messy carpet.

You can buy a steam cleaner, which isn’t cheap at all, and then you have to find a place to store it until the next time you need it, which might be next year.

You also need to know proper cleaning techniques. If you get the carpet too wet it could lead to mould which will not only damage the fibers, but the floor underneath. A damp carpet can also start to smell rather bad and it will be really hard to remove the smell afterwards, resulting in even more wasted time and frustration.

For these reasons we strongly recommend you book a professional carpet cleaning service.

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