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Kitchen fires are serious and they could cause heavy property damage, not to mention the health risks involved for you and your family. Often, those fires are in direct correlation of neglecting the cleanliness of the oven in your kitchen.

But how exactly can a dirty oven be the cause of a domestic fire? Quite often people neglect the fact that the oil we use when cooking is flammable. A dirty oven with oil buildup on the inside combined with high temperatures used in cooking creates the perfect opportunity for a fire.

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How a dirty oven affects food?

Cooking in a dirty oven can affect the food cooked inside in a negative way. If you’re into baking and love cooking sweet goodies, you’ll soon find that the baked food absorbs the fumes. The food ends up having a bad taste. Other foods will absorb the bad smell as well.

The buildup of grease and oils in the oven will result in carbon-based fumes. A lot of grease in the oven will make it harder for the oven to gain and maintain temperature. This will interfere with cooking and it can result in a higher electricity bill.

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Can oven cleaner fumes poison food?

It depends on the detergent that you’re going to use. Eco-friendly detergents won’t be poisonous to your food and are preferred for mild stains.

If you have to use off the shelf detergents, make sure you read the label on the bottle. Different brands have different instructions. We advise leaving the oven to air out for a night.

The day after, give it a quick wipe with a damp cloth to remove any potential leftover detergent that can cause poisonous fumes and you’re ready to go.

The dangers of a dirty oven

As we mentioned above, grease and oil are both flammable. Having a buildup of those substances in your oven can result in a broken oven, smoke coming out of the oven when cooking and even a fire can occur.

What does a smoking oven mean?

A smoking oven is likely the result of oils build up inside the oven. Once they’re heated, the oils begin to boil and fuming as a result.

The fumes are rich in carbon and can be dangerous to us. While it’s unlikely to cause long-term damage to us, those fumes will ruin the food cooked in there.

Does a dirty oven have hides any health dangers?

While fumes can be dangerous to humans there is a little chance that it will get that bad before you take care of the problem.

There are no long-term health hazards from a smoking oven.

Fire dangers

The biggest threat a dirty oven can be is a fire hazard. Often grease that caught on fire can cause problems when you try to put it down.

Sometimes people leave their food to cook while they’re in other rooms of their home, which is a disaster waiting to happen.

Smell problems

When cooking, a dirty oven can make your whole house smell of grease. Because the smoke itself has greasy components, it will stink everything that it gets in contact with.

If there are tomato-based stains (like tomato sauce), the smell is awful. Make sure to clean all spills inside the oven as soon as they happen to reduce the smell.

Pest problems

Spills and dirt inside your oven are mostly made of food. As we all know, food attracts pests like cockroaches and rodents. While it’s less likely to attract a mice or a rat, your dirty oven can be a magnet for roaches.

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