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How to Hang Pictures on Brick Walls

A woman hanging a picture on a brick wall.

Brick walls can bring a modern flair to any room and there is just something cool and industrial about them. However, when it comes to any sort of decoration or renovation, brick walls are a major pain to deal with. Which brings us to the following topic of how to hand pictures on brick walls. The task may sound simple, but believe us, it’s not just hammering a nail to a wall.


How to Remove White Heat Stains from Wooden Furniture

How to remove white stains from wooden tables.

You’ve just placed these cute coasters on your coffee table and then, you nip to the kitchen to fetch some cookies. You come back into the room only to “catch” your gregarious and absent-minded friend plonking, in slow motion, her hot cuppa directly on the wooden surface. “She missed the coaster by an inch…”, you frown in disbelief. As fast as you can, without interrupting her incessant monologue, you discreetly move the mug where it should be – on the cup placemat. And what you see is a white mark on the table, staring you in the face. You’ve now stopped completely listening to your friend’s blabber while your mind is racing over how to remove the white heat stain from the wood.


What causes carpet ripples and how to fix them

A woman fixing a carpet ripple.

Did you just trip over your carpet in a rush to get to the door this morning? We feel for you, as this can happen totally out of the blue. But what are the causes behind carpet ripples that can play a joke with your balance and make you stumble, or worse – fall?

This post will do exactly that – give you all the plausible reasons behind buckled rugs and wall-to-wall carpets. You’ll also learn how to remedy the problem and what to do to prevent this from happening again.


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