Pest Issues

The Best Home Remedies to Kill Cockroaches

How to kill cockroaches with homemade solutions.

Taking care of a cockroach infestation is no one’s dream weekend plan. But sometimes the Universe decides to punish us for some past life mistakes and put a cockroach or two in our homes. It’s not an easy task at all and often we are wondering if there is any way to get rid of the pests without the very toxic chemicals, advertised to be most effective. Luckily there are many effective homemade cockroaches repellents that you can try and we have gathered information on the best ones just for you.


How to Get Rid of Spider Mites on Indoor Plants

How to get rid of spider mites from your indoors plants.

Spider mites can be a menace to both outdoor and indoor plants. They are so minute and practically invisible to the naked eye that you need a magnifying glass to spot them. This, of course, makes it difficult, even for the experienced gardener, to detect a spider mite problem early on. And unfortunately, one often notices their wilting and struggling plants far too late when the damage has been already done. So, if you suspect that your houseplants or greenhouse crops have been attacked by the little critters, read on! (more…)

How to Deal with Pests in your Refrigerator

Dealing with pests in your refrigerator.

The refrigerator in your home is one of the best inventions that we, as humans, have come up with. Before there was no sure way to store food for longer periods of time without it getting spoiled

Sadly, you can still get a pest infestation in your fridge and that’s bad. Those bugs carry diseases that end up crawling and eating your food, and potentially you and your family consuming contaminated food.


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