• After successfully conquering the UK market, Fantastic Services Group set foot in Australia, achieving tremendous success in just 3 years!
  • Our strong business model allows for ambitious forward-looking entrepreneurs to buy their very own franchise.

Australia Cleaning Franchise Opportunities - Grow Your Business with the Fantastic Services Group

Our services


Fantastic Cleaners

The professional domestic cleaning services provided by Fantastic Cleaners are designed to make your life simpler. Enjoy the things you'd rather be doing - spending time with family and friends, on hobbies, or simply relaxing in the knowledge that you've hired the local experts to take care of the health of your home. We provide caring and careful services by trained specialists, and full insurance cover for your peace of mind.

Fantastic Carpet Cleaners

With services suitable for all weaves of rug and carpeting, Fantastic Carpet Cleaners are a brilliant choice no matter what kind of material your home or office flooring is made from. We use a special Nine-Step Method that's proven to get brilliant results every time, leaving you with nothing to do besides marvel at your freshly clean and laundered fabric.

Gardening Services

Make the best first impression on potential clients and customers by ensuring your premises' exterior space is as well-designed as the interior. Our team are professional landscape gardeners with over ten years experience of delivering professional care to all kinds of commercial properties. Whether you need ongoing care for your premises, or have a special project in mind to increase sales, our team have the training and bespoke equipment to accomplish exactly what you need.

Fantastic Gardeners

Create a green paradise in which to enjoy your free time - Fantastic Gardeners are here to make your life simpler. We have a wide range of professional services which can be used to perform everything from basic exterior maintenance to precise landscaping and garden design. Our team are multi-disciplinary experts who use bespoke tools and environmentally-friendly methods to care for all outdoor spaces.

Fantastic Removals

Make your move simpler when you hire Fantastic Removals. We perform all scales of move with professionalism and safety, from assistance with the final heavy items of furniture to total life-transplants. Your possessions will be in safe hands with our fully insured and energetic team of removal experts, secured safely in the back of one of our modern GPRS-fitted vehicles. Moving day doesn't have to be stressful - talk to Fantastic Removals now about how we'll help you.

Fantastic End of Lease Cleaners

Take the stress out of your move with Fantastic End of Lease Cleaners. We're the cleaning experts to talk to if whether you need to secure the full return of your deposit from your landlord, or make sure your owned property is ready to lease again as soon as possible. It couldn't be simpler - you'll be able to rely on our team to take care of your property's cleanliness while you take care of the more important things.

Fantastic Tile Cleaning

Remove all traces of lime scale, mould and grime with some expert assistance from our highly skilled team. We target not just your tiles themselves, but the surrounding sealant, providing precise cleaning or perfect replacement as necessary. Using a specialist tile scrubber in the skilled and experienced hands of our team, we get brilliant results with all kinds of tiling materials. Talk to Fantastic Tile Cleaners about your tile cleaning needs now - our services are fully insured for your peace of mind.

Fantastic Duct Cleaners

The circulation of poor quality air and heat will be a thing of the past when you use Fantastic Duct Cleaners. We're experienced in providing our highly effective cleaning service to all models of air conditioning and ducted heating systems, so you'll be in the safest possible hands. Deposits of dust and debris in ducted systems can quickly lead to blockages and even fire hazards - safeguard yourself and your family today with a little help from Fantastic Duct Cleaners.

Fantastic Oven Cleaners

Fantastic Oven Cleaners are here to the hard work for you. We'll make your life simpler by taking this dirty chore out of your hands, rewarding your with a clean and sparkling oven that's ready to use right away. Our specialist oven cleaning team use a precise method of cleaning that involves minimal scrubbing, as well as eco-friendly solutions to get outstanding results. There'll be no need for vile-smelling chemicals and elbow grease with us, just a smooth glide to cooking cleanliness.

Cleaning Services

With over ten years of experience in delivering the highest quality of commercial cleaning, we're here to make your professional life simpler. We're the ideal choice to keep your premises in perfect working order, no matter what type of business you're responsible for: busy office space, fine dining establishment, hairdresser, event venue - we've worked with them all. You'll be able to rely on a highly trained team of expert cleaners, specialist equipment, and a wide selection of appointment times that will mesh neatly with the smooth operation of your business.

Removal Services

We provide a commercial removals service that focuses on transport efficiency. For all scales of business move, from the transfer of your entire company and stock portfolio, or for smaller-scale movements of stock or equipment, we provide one of the leading solutions. Our team of careful and energetic removal experts operate a fleet of modern, GPRS-equipped vehicles, and also benefit from complete insurance cover. Our staff are trained to handle all manner of items in complete safety.

Who are Fantastic Services Group?

Fantastic Services Group was created in 1999, originally starting out as a small carpet cleaning company based in London and then operating solely within the United Kingdom. Since then and with the help of an Australian partnership, we have continued to grow both domestically and internationally, now with a strong presence in three continents including Australia where we have gone from strength to strength.

In order to grow to our present size we have not only continued to expand the list of services that we can offer but also stuck to our core philosophy of delivering the highest quality service with both convenience and professionalism in mind. We always strive to gain a deep understanding of our customers, our business, and our services.

Now we're changing the way the industry works - restructuring the work process to make it simplistic and enjoyable for our customers and franchisees alike. We're a young team with a strong ethos - and we're looking forward to changing the way you think about services!

Try one of our services now, and see for yourself. With more than 500 new customers every day - and more than 80% who would recommend us to a friend - isn't it time you found out what you've been missing?

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Do you want to grow your own business? Could you do with some experience and support to achieve your goals? Talk to Fantastic Services Group today about our Australian franchise opportunities in the field of cleaning services. We are in the business of growing businesses, not selling franchises; we therefore strive to provide a full turnkey business with support every step of the way.

We work with franchisees across Australia, the US and the UK who conduct domestic services of all kinds including cleaning, gardening, and removals. Our passionate, dedicated and customer-focused approach has helped us to become the fastest growing service company on three continents.

Our dedicated office is open 24 hours a day and has over 350 staff covering all aspects of developing your business, including sales, customer care, finance, marketing, IT, HR, SEO, and many more. All of these departments are tailored to provide support and assist in keeping our teams full of work and growing their franchise at every level.

We'll make your service simpler, more effective and more profitable by providing you with:

  • Branding
  • Websites/Web development
  • Unique phone number
  • Uniforms and Identification
  • Marketing materials
  • Job completion forms and receipts
  • Invoicing and debt collecting
  • Sales team/Call centre
  • Customer care services
  • CRM scheduling system
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Help in growing and developing specialist services
  • Service-specific training sessions and monitoring
  • 24 hour office assistance
  • On the road training and assistance
  • Discounted chemicals and equipment
  • Vehicle and equipment financing options
  • Financial assistance
  • Business development
  • And much more!

Simply put, we'll take care absolutely everything apart from providing the actual service itself. We will assist in all of your business set up and then follow up with the day to day running’s of your business including confirmed bookings, scheduling, invoicing, bookkeeping, debt collection, emails, marketing, complaints, training, financing, and what ever else comes with running your franchise. Ultimately this leaves you to the task at hand, providing the best service possible, and growing your business.


Fantastic has done for my business what we were struggling to do alone: establish and maintain a base of clients that provide regular custom. They do this with online support with sales and marketing, websites and web development, online resource management; in short, they created a brand for us, where before we were just one name in a telephone directory of others.

It's not just the online advantages that have made a difference to me. They provide staff training that's unified my team in a way that's made work much more enjoyable. The entire way our business works has changed for the better - if I was starting another business today I'd know how to do it right, thanks to Fantastic.

Simply put, Fantastic have given us the support we need to take our business to the next level. Whereas before we struggling for work with local leaflet campaigns and mail drops, now we've got Fantastic providing an online infrastructure, staff training, customer helpline support... everything we need to turn our man and van operation into something bigger and better.

From scraping by on single-figures of jobs each week and a single team, we're now looking at buying our third van and training our third new team.
Fantastic - you betcha.

My name is Justin, and I've been one of Eric's team leaders for the past two years. I'm writing to let you know that I would like and am ready to activate a new franchise at Fantastic Services.

Due to my experience as team leader, and because I know Fantastic Services is one of the top-rated cleaning companies in Australia, I understand how important it is to maintain the high levels of quality and professionalism, as well as the customer guarantees and great corporate culture that Fantastic is known for. I also have an excellent working relationship with both Dennis and Jason, and I was previously recommended for the position of supervisor.

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Call 1300 333 247 now to talk to us about our Australian franchise opportunities. We're available round-the-clock and our support team are fully informed about what a mutual partnership with us will mean for you.

You can also download our franchise information booklet or reach us by filling in our contact form now.