Fantastic Services Group - The Ultimate Franchise Cleaning Business for Australia!

Cleaning Services AustraliaFantastic Services Group started as a small carpet cleaning company in London, UK. From the very beginning, we set out to offer something different - bringing a greater degree of transparency and accountability to the service industry, with fully trained and vetted teams available through a simplified booking system.

This approach was well received in the UK, and as our reputation spread the company grew to incorporate a wide range of home services - from handymen to professional pet sitters!

Now Fantastic Services Group has developed an Australian partnership and is providing that same combination of quality and convenience here in Australia. Our various departments cater to a wide range of domestic and commercial needs, with an established central agency where we focus on customer service, training, growth, finance and marketing.

Franchise Cleaning Business for AustraliaFantastic Services Group exists to generate business for our high quality teams and franchisees, who in turn provide a wide range of different home services to our customers. We have bases operating in Australia, the UK, the US and several European locations, employing over 350 staff and bringing smiles to hundreds of happy customers each day.

We take a pride in the services performed by the many individuals who work in partnership with Fantastic Services Group, all of whom have proved their worthiness to join our family. Supported by the skills and experience of our many service teams, our commitment to support and training - and with over a decade of professional experience behind us - we hope to offer the most comprehensive range of home services in Australia.