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Upholstery Cleaning

In addition, you can choose our upholstery cleaning service that uses the same deep-cleaning machines to ensure the best results. The expert technicians will definitely refresh your furniture and brighten it up. They will also get rid of tough stains and hidden dirt. This is the best way to keep your upholstery looking clean and fresh. Every Fantastic professional knows the best cleaning techniques to use to remove stains and odours from the furniture.

Oven Cleaning

Did you know that a professional oven cleaning service can also help you avoid costly repair bills or having to purchase a new cooker soon? Even if you have a self-cleaning feature in your oven, it is only able to do so much. It relies on high temperatures and waiting for the grease and fat to burn off. This requires a lot of energy, and it is often not worth the money spent. Our service includes removing the detachable parts of the oven and soaking them in a cleaning solution while the rest of the cooker is properly cleaned. In the end, it is assembled and perfectly ready for use.

Mattress Cleaning

We can also definitely help when you would like to have your mattress professionally cleaned. We will send a technician to your place who will examine the item/s and deep clean them, similarly to carpets and rugs. The professional uses eco-friendly cleaning methods to make your mattress clean and fresh, and you won't have to worry about harmful chemicals. This method ensures a dust and stain-free bed, and it creates a healthier bedroom environment. We recommend having your mattresses professionally cleaned at least once every six months or so.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

You can hire us as your professional cleaning company to do the work for you when you are moving out. This will ensure that each room is cleaned to a satisfactory standard and your landlord will be pleased with the results. If you're doing it yourself, you'll need to remove everything from the rooms and wipe down surfaces manually for hours on end. So save yourself the hassle and guarantee the return of your tenancy deposit by using our comprehensive service.

How we do carpet cleaning in Alexandria


Every service starts with a comprehensive inspection of the items that are to be cleaned. The most important part is to determine the fabric of the carpets and rugs. This way the technician will know how to clean them properly. Another important aspect is to note any visible stains such as those from food and drinks. When the inspection is completed, the technician will begin the cleaning procedures.


Before the main cleaning procedure, the carpets and rugs have to be pretreated. That is why the carpet technician will take his time to carefully vacuum clean the items. Any existing stains will be pretreated as well. The technician will apply specific target detergent all over each stain. This way the stains will loosen up and they will be cleaned easier. After that, the technician will proceed with the main cleaning procedure.

Hot water extraction

Our deep cleaning method for carpets is far superior than steam cleaning. Here is how it works. A special machine is used that injects a mixture of hot water and carpet fabric detergent deep between the fibres of the carpeting. This way all the dirt is loosened easily. And while all of this is happening, a powerful suction attachment will be removing all of the moisture. All of the filth and about 95% of the moisture are removed. This way the carpets and rugs are left almost completely dry.

Post-cleaning treatment

The technician will apply a special stain-repelling product over the pile of your carpets and rugs in order to protect them from future spills. It is advisable not to walk on the carpets before they air completely. The items will air dry on their own within 3 to 6 hours. Don’t forget that you can open a window to speed up the process.

The many benefits of carpet cleaning in Alexandria

  • Superior deep cleaning - We use hot water extraction machines that are far better than the regular old steam cleaning.
  • Insured carpet cleaning experts - The specialists are professionally trained and fully insured. You can fully trust them with your items.
  • For all types of rugs and carpets - Our services are great for all types of fibres and fabrics, we do both wet and dry treatments.
  • Great against the usual stains - No worries, the typical household stains stand no chance against our cleaning methods.
  • Eliminates odours - Say goodbye to the unpleasant lingering smells. Your carpeting will be thoroughly refreshed.
  • Easy to arrange - All it takes is for you to enter your local postcode and to follow the simple steps to book online.

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Carpet cleaning quotes from Alexandria:


1 Bedroom flat

Alexdandria Jan 12, 2022
I have 2 rugs and one medium carpet. How much will you charge me for claening them?

Service: Carpet cleaning


2 Bedroom unit

Alexandria Dec 15, 2021
I need cleaning of my two carpets. They are on the second floor and need it urgently, because we are moving out!

Service: Carpet cleaning


2 Bedroom house

Alexandria Oct 15, 2021
I have 3 carpets that need cleaning and I kind of need it soon. Please give a quote ASAP

Service: Carpet cleaning

Take a look at our price range for carpet cleaning in Alexandria

$110 $150 $180

On average, the price for carpet cleaning in Alexandria is $150

Every 2 out of 3 people decided to get the Fantastic Club with their service to save money

The average duration of the carpet cleaning service is 1 hour and 20 minutes

Most of the time, the service is combined with Upholstery Cleaning.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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