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  • Licensed and vetted professionals
  • Flexible schedule and full week availability
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How to arrange your professional carpet cleaning service

Organise your appointment

Take advantage of our user-friendly mobile application or website to schedule your service in no time.

Share more information about your carpets

This way, the carpet cleaners will gain a more precise idea of the suitable cleaning method to use.

Provide access to the cleaner

The professional cleaners will arrive on time with the necessary equipment to start working on your carpets immediately.

Enjoy the rest of your day

Spend time with your family and friends while the carpet professionals in Blairgowrie do all the hard work.

Carpet Cleaning

The many benefits of carpet cleaning in Blairgowrie

We strive to provide more than just a rug cleaning service!

  • Better than carpet steam cleaner method - We use advanced carpet cleaning machines to apply the superior hot water extraction method.
  • A fast response when you need it - Use the online platform to instantly arrange weekend appointments as well as weekday ones.
  • Trusty professional carpet cleaners - You can fully rely on the expertise of the Fantastic technicians. They are experienced in handling various types of carpet fibres.
  • Fantastic Club Membership - We value our clients, and that's why we've introduced the Fantastic Club. By becoming a member, you gain access to several exclusive privileges.
  • Removes funky odours - Your items will be refreshed and they will smell simply amazing after the service.
  • Quick-drying process - Our industrial-grade carpet cleaning equipment efficiently removes more water during the cleaning process, ensuring your carpet dries rapidly.

How is the carpet cleaning in Blairgowrie performed?

Your carpet cleaner in Blairgowrie is trained to work to a protocol that guarantees the best and most even result possible.


Each service begins with a thorough inspection of the items slated for cleaning. Identifying the fabric of carpets and rugs is crucial in ensuring technicians are informed about the appropriate cleaning methods. Another crucial aspect is noting any visible stains, such as those from food and drinks.

Prep work

Before the main cleaning process, the carpets and rugs must undergo pretreatment. Our certified technicians take the time to carefully vacuum the items, and any persistent stains are pretreated. Specialised cleaning solutions are applied to each individual stain, facilitating easier cleaning. Afterwards, the technicians proceed to the deep cleaning process.

Deep cleaning

Carpet cleaning technicians employ the hot water extraction method, which is effective for most types of synthetic rugs. This process involves injecting hot water under pressure into the carpet and softening the dirt. Subsequently, the equipment extracts the dirt along with approximately 95% of the moisture. The outcome is a thoroughly clean carpet that is just slightly damp. For all-natural fibre carpets, the experts provide a dry cleaning solution, leaving the carpet refreshed, brighter, and free from grime.

After cleaning

Moreover, you have the option to choose carpet deodorising and Scotchgard carpet protection against stains, with additional charges applicable. The former will efficiently eliminate stale odours from your rug, while the carpet protector ensures that no stains form (in the event of food or liquid spillages) for the next 6 months.

Carpet cleaning in Blairgowrie and other helpful services

Spring cleaning

Fantastic Services can perform a comprehensive deep clean of your property, whether it's in preparation for a special occasion or part of your spring cleaning routine. Why not leverage our deep carpet cleaning solutions to make a substantial difference? This is preferable to attempting to remove old stains with DIY methods, which often yield mediocre results.

Curtains cleaning

Seeking to enhance the air quality in your home? Adding curtain cleaning to your carpet cleaning service is a great way to do just that! Our Fantastic curtain cleaners will take care of this chore for you, leaving your curtains dust- and allergen-free. This cleaning technique is suitable for all types of window coverings, eliminating the need to detach them from the window!

Oven cleaning

Were you aware that opting for a professional oven cleaning service could save you money on repairs or the need for a new cooker? Even if your oven has a self-cleaning feature, its capabilities are limited. It depends on high temperatures and waiting for the grease and fat to burn off, consuming a significant amount of energy and often not justifying the expense. Our service entails disassembling the removable components of the oven, soaking them in a cleaning solution, and thoroughly cleaning the remainder of the cooker. Ultimately, it is reassembled and ready for use.

Upholstery cleaning

We can also dispatch sofa cleaning specialists to help you revitalise and deeply clean your soft furniture quickly. They will arrive with top-quality products and equipment to eliminate grime, including marks and stubborn stains.

2 hours

average service duration for a two-bedroom house

3450 sq meters

of carpet cleaned a month on average


of our customers combined this service with upholstery cleaning

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

Carpet steam cleaning quotes we’ve given in Blairgowrie


3 Bedroom property

Blairgowrie Mar 9, 2023
Hi, I want carpet dry cleaning of 3 delicate pieces in my house. harsh chemicals might not be suitable for us, so please advise. Thank you in advance!

Service: Carpet cleaning


5 Bedroom House

Blairgowrie Jan 21, 2024
Hello, We have a lot of rooms and they all need carpet steam cleaning. 5 bedrooms, 1 living and 2 lounge carpets. Do you offer stain removal? Also, 5 mattresses must be steam
... More

Service: Carpet + Mattress cleaning


2 bedroom property

Blairgowrie Jun 25, 2023
I have 4 dirty carpets that need professional cleaning. They all are on the first floor and are in not too bad condition. Do you offer tile and grout cleaning as well? How muc
h will it cost?
... More

Service: Carpet cleaning

How much does carpet cleaning in Blairgowrie cost?

$85 $140 $470

The average price of carpet cleaning in Blairgowrie is $140.

Often, the service is bundled with oven deep cleaning.

The majority of people, who book professional steam carpet cleaning in Blairgowrie have 2-bedroom properties.

25% of the clients in Blairgowrie become members of the Fantastic Club.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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