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Antiviral + Carpet cleaning and sanitisation

We can help you a lot more than just carpet cleaning in Bondi Junction

Upholstery Cleaning

Our professional upholstery cleaning service will be able to provide the most comprehensive cleaning possible for your furniture. The cleaners have the proper equipment and detergents to remove grime and dirt from upholstered items and furniture. Additionally, they use specialized supplies to remove tough stains. Also, our upholstery cleaning service is quite time-efficient so it will save you so many hours of hard work. This will minimise the inconveniences of doing all the cleaning on your own.

Oven Cleaning

A professionally-cleaned oven uses less energy and heats up faster. Professional cooker cleaning also extends the life of your appliance. We will send a professional oven cleaner to place who will examine your cooker and clean it thoroughly. Besides, we know very well that oven cleaning is one of the most hated tasks in the house so you can definitely trust us to handle it for you. We’ve got the means and know-how to do a great job. At the end of the service, your cooker will be almost as good as new.

Mattress Cleaning

You will be happy to find out that our machine deep cleaning is also suitable for mattresses as well. Basically, the service is similar to our upholstery cleaning. The cleaning process used for mattresses can leave yours slightly damp. If the cleaning process is completed on a breezy, dry day, it will be dry in a couple of hours. To get the best results, you should schedule the cleaning early in the morning, when your mattress won't be in use immediately. This way the mattress will air dry on its own during the course of the day and you will be able to use it at night.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

This service is essential for the return of your tenancy deposit if you have an agreement with your landlord or a letting agency. Often people forget to clean their bedrooms when they're doing an end of tenancy cleaning on their own. But the bedroom and many other areas are essential when it comes to tenancy cleaning. It's important to make the place look as nice as possible for future tenants. So simply take advantage of our comprehensive service that covers all aspects of the cleaning to ensure the return of your tenancy deposit.

How we do carpet cleaning in Bondi Junction

Your carpet and rug cleaning will be done with the latest professional machines

Comprehensive inspection

Every carpet cleaning service starts with an inspection. The technician will take a closer look at your items to determine what materials they are made out of. It is important to figure out what fabric they are from. This way the technician will know what would be the best to clean them. Another important aspect is noting any stains from food, drinks, or “happy pet accidents.”

Pretreatment phase

Before the actual deep cleaning procedure commences, the technician will pretreat your items. The first step is to vacuum clean them. When all the loose dust and dirt are gone, the technician will apply special cleaning products over any visible stains. This way the stains will loosen up as well and it will be a lot easier to remove them later on when the deep cleaning starts.

Deep cleaning procedure

We use the most advanced carpet cleaning technology. It is far superior than the old timey steam cleaning that is pretty much useless. The deep cleaning technology that we use is based on the method of hot water extraction. Here is how it works. As the technician slides the cleaning wand of the machine over the pile of a carpet or rug, the machine injects hot water and detergent deep between the fibres of the carpet. Because of the high pressure, the filth is easily dislodged. And while all of this is happening, a suction attachment right at the nozzle is removing all of the moisture and the dislodged filth. This way about 95% of the moisture is removed and the items are left almost dry.

After cleaning

The technician will protect your carpets and rugs by using a special stain repellent spray all over them. This way they will be protected from accidental spills and stains. Also, it will be easier to clean them in the future. Your carpets and rugs will air dry on their own within 3 to 6 hours. If possible, leave a window open to speed up the process.

Why choose our carpet cleaning in Bondi Junction

  • Superior carpet cleaning - The hot water extraction machines that we use are far better than the typical steam cleaner equipment.
  • Reliable carpet cleaning experts - The carpet technicians know how to deal with even the most luxurious and delicate carpets and rugs.
  • For all types of rugs and carpeting - We know how to clean all types of fibres, we do both wet and dry cleaning of carpets.
  • Great against household stains - Our equipment and methods do wonders against the most common household stains on carpets.
  • Eliminates funky odours - Of course, after the service, your carpet will smell fresh and nice, it’s the cleanliness that you will be able to feel!
  • Easy to book - No need to wait on the phone, just enter your postcode and follow the steps to arrange your service.

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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Carpet cleaning quotes from Bondi Junction:


3 bedroom Property

Bondi Junction Jan 13, 2022
Give me a quote, please, for a carpet cleaning of 3 rooms. Thanks.

Service: Carpet cleaning


4 Bedroom House

Bondi Junction Oct 16, 2021
Please give me a quote for 6 carpets in total. 4 large and 2 smaller ones.

Service: Carpet cleaning


1 Bedroom property

Bondi Junction Dec 19, 2021
I'll need carpet cleaning for my hallway and lounge. How much will it cost?

Service: Carpet cleaning

Take a look at our price range for carpet cleaning in Bondi Junction

$115 $155 $185

Most of the time, the service is combined with Upholstery Cleaning.

On average, the price for carpet cleaning in Bondi Junction is $155

The average duration of the carpet cleaning service is 1 hour and 35 minutes

60% of all clients have the Fantastic Club Membership.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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