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Attention to detail, expertise and high-end HWE equipment are the ingredients of our top-notch carpet cleaning solutions!
  • Extended lifespan of your carpets and rugs
  • Enhanced indoor air quality
  • Successful removal of allergens & germs
  • Instant online booking, even on the go
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The proven benefits of our specialised carpet cleaning service in Campbelltown

Fantastic Services is rapidly expanding its coverage and now, you can enjoy our professional carpet cleaning services outside the Sydney area, in Campbelltown. You can rely on our tested and proven hot water extraction carpet cleaning method, great stain removal expertise and professional approach, and enjoy your refreshed carpets and rugs again! We work with vetted specialists, who are based locally for your convenience. The carpet cleaning pros have the experience, know-how and right tools to bring back the original clean look of your precious rugs.

Here are just a few of the perks you’ll get out of our prompt and reliable carpet cleaning service:

  • Applying the right cleaning technique, in accordance with the carpet manufacturer’s recommendations;
  • Saving you time and hard work, as well as the risk of doing more damage than good if approaching the job yourself;
  • Prolonging the life of your rugs with the option of organising regular carpet cleaning services for you;
  • Preferential rates when you combine your carpet cleaning with our professional move-out cleaning solutions;
  • We can also assist you with your upholstery and mattress cleaning needs, just ask!

  • How the carpet cleaning service goes

    Our carpet cleaning techniques are straightforward, yet super effective. The expert will go through the steps below in the following order:

    1. The carpet cleaner will move any light furniture out of the way if needed. Unfortunately, we are not able to organise for you the removal of any bulky and heavy pieces of furnishing from the room.
    2. He’ll give the carpet a good vacuuming to remove dust, pet hairs and other debris.
    3. The prol inspect the floor covering for any stains and pre-treat them with a professional stain removal agent before proceeding any further.
    4. Then, your carpet will be cleaned with a hot water extraction machine, which is designed to inject hot water and detergent under high pressure into the carpet fibres, and this way, to agitate heavily embedded grime. Then, the equipment will extract the dirt along with the moisture, leaving your rug almost dry.
    5. Still, allow a few hours (3-4) for your carpeting to dry completely. You can facilitate this process by turning on a fan, a heater or by opening the window.
    6. Scotchgard carpet protection and deodorising are also available, upon request!

    *Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

    Carpet cleaning quotes given in Campbelltown


    3 Bedroom cleaning

    Campbelltown Sep 12, 2020
    Need cleaning of 3 carpets. Two storey house

    Service: Carpet cleaning


    Single carpet

    Campbelltown Jul 12, 2020
    Dog made a mess on the carpet. Please clean it.

    Service: Carpet cleaning


    Large house

    Campbelltown Sep 28, 2020
    5 carpets need to be cleaned. Quite messy because of pets.

    Service: Carpet cleaning

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can I put off my service if something comes up?

    A: You can always reschedule our service for another day. It's free and can be done via our mobile app, fantastic websites or by giving us a quick call.

    Q: When can I walk on the carpet after you've cleaned it?

    A: It’s advised to wait until the carpet is completely dry. However, if you need to step on it while wet, overshoes are a good idea.

    Q: Do you clean rugs made of natural materials?

    A: We offer our dry cleaning service for more sensitive fabrics, but our carpet technician has to inspect it first, then choose which method goes best for different materials.

    Q: Can I book your service during holidays?

    A: Of course! We work every day, including weekends and holidays!

    *Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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