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Carpet Cleaning

Why is deep carpet cleaning recommended?

Carpets and rugs experience a lot of wear and tear, especially in high-traffic areas. They become filled with bacteria, the colour often darkens, making the carpet look old and tired. Sure, you can vacuum it regularly and it will help a lot with maintenance, but some things just need a professional’s touch. So here is what you will gain from a deep carpet clean:

  • It gets rid of all the build-up dirt and debris;
  • Prolongs the life of your carpet;
  • A fresh, revitalised look to the carpet and room;
  • Takes care of allergens;
  • Improves the overall quality of air in the room;

Our carpet cleaning service explained in steps

  • On the day of the appointment, a professional carpet technician will arrive at your property with all the needed materials and detergents.
  • He will carefully inspect the carpet, the type of fabric it’s from, what kind of stains there are and, in the end, determine the best course of action for cleaning.
  • If there is any light furniture to be put away, he will remove it.
  • Depending on the material of your carpet, he will either start the dry cleaning process or the hot water extraction technique. Most commonly, we use hot water extraction.
  • He will pretreat the different stains to prepare them for the main treatment.
  • The hot water extraction method requires a special industry machine that injects a cleaning solution of hot water and detergent under very high pressure deep into the carpet fibres. Right after, it extracts all the dirt and grime, along with 90% of the water, as well.
  • If requested, the technician can add a special carpet protection solution called Scotchgard, that will create a protective barrier on your carpet, preventing the spills from becoming stains.
  • Now you just have to leave everything to dry, which shouldn’t take more than 6 hours, especially is there is proper air ventilation in the room.

Why trust Fantastic Services for your carpet cleaning?

We have years of experience in the cleaning industry, especially when it comes to carpets. With that being said, the carpet technicians that work with us are all local service providers that have been through special training are fully insured and licensed. Booking with Fantastic Services in Carlton means that you will get 5-star service and customer experience at affordable rates. The carpet pros work every day of the week, including weekends and public holidays. They use high-end eco-friendly detergents and machines, going with a different technique depending on your carpet.


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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Carpet cleaning quotes from Carlton:


1 Bedroom property

Carlton Jul 20, 2020
Hello there, can you give me a quote about two carpets? It's one in the living room and one in the hallway on the ground floor. They are in very good condition, just need a re
... More

Service: Carpet cleaning


2 Bedroom property

Carlton Jun 18, 2020
Hi! I need 2 carpets cleaned and one mattress. The carpets are a bit dirty and have some stains, so I'll need some extra care. Please send me a quote by e-mail. Thank you!

Service: Carpet + Mattress cleaning


3 Bedroom house

Carlton Aug 20, 2020
Can you give me a quote for 3 carpets - one large in the living room, one medium in the bedroom and one small in the hallway? Also I'll need some cleaning around the house too
... More

Service: Carpet + Hourly Cleaning

How much does carpet cleaning in Guilford cost?

$85 $125 $405

The average price of carpet cleaning in Carlton is $125.

Oven cleaning is the most common service people combine with carpet cleaning in Carlton.

The majority of people, who book professional steam carpet cleaning in Carlton have 2-bedroom properties.

25% of the clients in Carlton become members of the Fantastic Club.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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