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  • Remove allergens and improve air quality
  • Stain lifting treatments included in standard service
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Carpet Cleaning

Extra services you might add to carpet cleaning in Castle Hill

Spring cleaning

This is a one-off domestic cleaning service that's booked by the hour whenever you need it. Compile a list of jobs you'd like taken care of and book a single cleaner or a team for as long as required to get everything done. Use spring cleaning for general chores, as a way to prepare your home for guests, or to clean up after a party. Your team could be cleaning the kitchen at the same time as the technician takes care of the carpets in your lounge.

Upholstery cleaning

Combining your local carpet cleaning with upholstery cleaning is especially efficient as the same products and tools are used for both. Both dry and hot water extraction upholstery cleaning are offered. The technician will select the most suitable for you fabric or for your specific needs. Book this service to treat upholstered furnishings, curtains and even mattress cleaning and leather lounge cleaning.

End of lease cleaning

This service can be booked by tenants, landlords or letting agencies. The work completed by the team includes everything generally required at the end of a lease. There is a particular emphasis placed on ensuring that all kitchen appliances are cleaned inside and out, that bathrooms shine and that everything is perfectly sanitary. The price for end of lease cleaning is based on the size of the property. Request a free quote!

Window cleaning

Book a safe, fast window cleaning service that delivers superior results. Your window cleaning professionals will arrive in a van containing a tank of purified water and bring an extendable water-fed pole. Working from ground level, they clean the glass, frames and sills, No cleaning solutions are required as the purified water is a powerful cleaning agent in its own right, so there's no risk of run-off water contaminating the local environment.

The process used for carpet cleaning services in Castle Hill

Getting started

Before beginning any cleaning work the carpet technician will move light furniture to improve access to the floor and inspect the carpet. They'll determine the composition and identify any troublesome areas that will require extra treatment. Stained or worn parts of the carpet are pre-cleansed with a stain removal product to ensure the most even finish. If you're trying to decide if a particular rug or carpet is worth cleaning or should be replaced, this is the time to ask.

Hot water extraction (HWE)

The piece is vacuum cleaned to open the pile then detergent and water are injected deeply into the fibres and extracted using suction. Around 95% of the water required for cleaning is removed because the technician uses a powerful professional cleaning machine, more effective than domestic carpet cleaners. So, fast drying of your carpeting is guaranteed.

Dry cleaning

The rug is vacuumed then dirt absorbing powder is spread across it and worked in using a machine equipped with soft rotating brushes. Once the grime has had time to adhere to the powder everything is vacuumed out. Carpet dry cleaning is an effective way of refreshing delicate rugs but has only a limited effect against stains.

Completing your cleaning service

Once the main clean is complete, you have a few extra options to choose from. Deodourising treatment can be helpful if smells from tobacco or pets have been absorbed into the carpet. Extra sanitising treatment is available in situations where the very highest levels of hygiene are required. We also recommend Scotchgard application. This coats the carpet fibres with a water-repelling compound, meaning that any liquids spilt on it in the future will remain on the surface where they can be blotted up. rather than penetrating to cause stains.

Why do people recommend Fantastic Services for rug cleaning in Castle Hill

Quality workmanship and customer satisfaction are central to our work. Count on us for:

  • Friendly, professional services - Your technician will arrive on time, get on with their job and treat you and your property with respect.
  • Backed by full insurance - It's very rare for rug cleaning to cause damage, but if something did go wrong you'd be fully compensated.
  • Honest pricing - Carpet cleaning rates include eco-friendly detergents, equipment use and a start-to-finish service. There are no hidden extras.
  • Cleaning that's easy to book and manage - Call the customer support line or use our app or online platform to make or amend bookings 24/7.
  • Work that validates your warranty - Professional HWE meets manufacturers' standards for periodic cleaning required to maintain your warranty.
  • A more sanitary home - Rugs and carpets harbour viruses, fungal spores and other pathogens. Deep cleaning your carpet destroys them.

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Carpet cleaning quotes from Castle Hill:


1 Bedroom unit

Castle Hill Jul 16, 2021
Hello, we need carpet steam cleaning for two carpets in our bedroom and in our kitchen. How much will steam cleaning cost and do you offer grout cleaning?

Service: Carpet cleaning


3 Bedroom house

Castle Hill Jun 26, 2021
Hi! I need house cleaning for the whole property. Also, the carpets are quite dirty and need professional cleaning. There are 4 carpets in total. Please include tile cleaning.

Service: Carpet cleaning, House cleaning


2 Bedroom home

Castle Hill Aug 27, 2021
I dropped a bottle of red wine on the carpet in my living room and now I need to have it cleaned fast. How much will it cost? Send by email, please!

Service: Carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Castle Hill Prices

$95 $135 $210

The average price of carpet cleaning in Castle Hill is $135.

Oven cleaning is the most common service people combine with carpet cleaning in Castle Hill.

The majority of people, who book professional steam carpet cleaning in Castle Hill have 2-bedroom properties.

25% of the clients in Castle Hill become members of the Fantastic Club.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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