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  • Restore the colour and texture of treasured rugs
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About professional carpet cleaning

Isn't it annoying when a carpet is too dirty to use? We can help you restore your carpets to like-new condition with the right equipment and years of experience at Fantastic Services. No matter how big or small your carpet is, we can restore its freshness using our professional steam cleaning service!

All you have to do is book your carpet cleaning service online, set your preferences, and let the pros handle the rest.

Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning carpets in Caulfield: the process

Getting started

A carpet technician performs a thorough inspection of the carpet before beginning any cleaning procedure. This involves rearranging light furniture to provide easier access to the floor. The technicians will be able to determine the composition and identify any problem areas that require additional treatment. To ensure an even finish, stained or worn areas of the carpet are pre-cleaned. It is the best time to ask whether a rug or carpet should be cleaned or replaced if you are unsure.

Hot water extraction (HWE)

A vacuum is used to open the carpet pile before detergent and water are injected deeply into the fibres and extracted via suction. A professional carpet cleaner, using a powerful cleaning machine, removes approximately 95% of the water required for the cleaning process.

Dry cleaning

As soon as the rug is vacuumed, tour Fantastic dirt-absorbing powder is spread across it and worked into the carpet using a machine equipped with rotating brushes. Having allowed the dirt to adhere to the powder, everything is vacuumed up. Despite its effectiveness in refreshing delicate rugs, dry cleaning is only limited in its ability to remove stains.

Completing your cleaning service

After the primary carpet cleaning is completed, you have a few additional options to consider. If odours from tobacco or pets have been absorbed into the carpet, a deodorising treatment may be beneficial. In situations requiring the highest level of hygiene, extra sanitising is available.

In addition, we recommend spraying the carpet with Scotchgard, which coats the fibers with a water-repellent compound. Any liquids spilt on the carpet in the future will remain on the surface and can be blotted up without getting inside and causing stains.

Fantastic Services is recommended for rug and carpet cleaning in Caulfield by many people

Customer satisfaction and quality workmanship are our top priorities. Our services include a number of benefits:

  • Friendly, professional etiquette - In addition to arriving on time, your technician will complete his duties promptly and treat you and your property with respect.
  • Full insurance - Generally, rug cleaning does not cause damage, but if something were to go wrong, you would be fully reimbursed.
  • Honest pricing - The cost of carpet cleaning includes detergents, equipment, and a comprehensive service. There are no hidden charges.
  • Cleaning that's easy to book and manage - You can make or amend your bookings 24/7 by calling our customer service line, using our app, or by using our online platform.
  • Work that validates your warranty - Periodic cleaning of your warranty requires professional HWE services that conform to manufacturers' guidelines.
  • A more sanitary home - Embroidered rugs and carpets can harbour viruses, fungus spores and other pathogens. Cleaning your carpet thoroughly will eliminate these contaminants.

Extra services you might add to carpet cleaning in Caulfield

Spring cleaning

You can schedule an hourly domestic cleaning service whenever you are in need. Identify all the jobs that need to be handled and book a single cleaner or a team of cleaners for as long as is necessary to complete them all. Clean up after a party, for general chores, or for preparing your home for guests. While your team is cleaning the kitchen, the carpet cleaner is taking care of your rugs in your living room.

Upholstery cleaning

Cleaning carpets and upholstery at the same time is extremely efficient, as the same products and tools are used for both tasks. Our upholstery cleaning services are available both dry and wet. Depending on your needs or the fabric, the technician will select the most appropriate option. Upholstery, curtains, and mattresses can all be treated with this service. We usually recommend combing it with our carpet cleaning service to optimise the cleaning process.

End of lease cleaning

You may use this service as a tenant, landlord, or letting agency. As part of the work completed by the team, all tasks that are typically required at the end of a lease are addressed. It is particularly important that all kitchen appliances are thoroughly cleaned inside and out, that bathrooms sparkle, and that everything is perfectly hygienic. Pricing for end-of-lease cleaning is based on the size of the property.

Window cleaning

Our window cleaning service delivers superior results in a safe, fast manner. An extendable, water-fed pole will be brought by your window cleaning team along with a van containing a tank of purified water. Glass, frames, and sills are cleaned from ground level. It is unnecessary to use detergents because purified water is a powerful cleaning agent in and of itself. This eliminates any possibility of run-off water contaminating the local environment.


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Carpet cleaning quotes from Caulfield

3-bedroom property

Caulfield VIC Dec 17, 2021
I need cleaning of one mattress and 3 carpets in bedrooms. The carpets are a high priority!

Service: Carpet & mattress cleaning

2-bedroom apartment

Caulfield VIC May 24, 2022
End of lease carpet cleaning for staircase, hallway and main bedroom of an apartment. Required for Saturday.

Service: Carpet cleaning

2-bedroom property

Caulfield VIC Jun 26, 2022
I have two carpets. Need them well cleaned, because I have dogs and they are not in the best condition.

Service: Carpet cleaning

How much does carpet cleaning in Caulfield cost?

The average price of carpet cleaning in Caulfield is $125.

Hourly cleaning is the most common service people book with carpet cleaning in Caulfield.

The majority of people, who book rug cleaning in Caulfield have 2-bedroom properties.

The most common duration of the carpet cleaning service in Caulfield is around 1 hour and 25 minutes.

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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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