Revive your worn out carpets and rugs with a professional carpet cleaning in Fairfield

Bring back the old vivid colours and prolong their lifespan
  • Removing bacteria and pollutants
  • Refreshing the air in your home
  • Visibly improved looks
  • Getting rid of stubborn stains

How it works

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Why does your carpet need a deep cleaning?

Professional cleaning is essential if you want to enjoy your carpets for many years. Especially if you have children and pets or if they are in a very high traffic area like an office. Regular vacuuming can help out a lot and of course, it’s required. However, it can only do the minimum in removing surface dirt and it’s not effective at all when it comes to cleaning deeply integrated grime and stubborn stains.

Professional carpet cleaning uses industry-standard machines that are capable of cleaning even the really hardened stains and years of dirt build-up. The technicians that operate them have the knowledge and experience to determine what is the exact treatment your carpet needs in order to look its best.

What does the carpet cleaning in Fairfield consist of?

Preparing the area for cleaning

The carpet needs to be carefully inspected in order for the cleaner to choose the best possible cleaning method in order to achieve maximum results. He will be able to remove any lightweight furniture if it’s needed to cover as much area as possible. By using a powerful vacuum, he will remove as much surface dirt as possible and prepare the carpet for treatment. If there are any stains, they will be pre-treated with the appropriate detergents to loosen them up for the cleaning afterwards.

Professional deep cleaning

We use two carpet cleaning methods - Hot Water Extraction, often called steam cleaning, even though it’s very different; and Dry Cleaning. The first method is suitable for most types of carpets, except for the very delicate ones that can only be cleaned with the Dry Cleaning technique.

The Hot Water Extraction is done with a very special machine that uses high pressure to inject your carpet with detergents and hot water, extracting them right away, along with all the dirt and grime. This technique also removes 95% of the moisture used in the cleaning so that the drying time is a lot shorter than usual. And everything is done without moving the carpet from the floors!

Aftercare and drying

For our carpet and rug cleaning, we offer additional services such as deodorising and applying carpet protection products. You can request them before the service or from the cleaner on site. He will tell you how the price will change so that you can decide whether you want them or not.

Drying time is usually from 3 to 6 hours, you can shorten it significantly if you open as many windows and doors as you can, and if it’s not possible, turn on a few fans or the AC. You’ll be walking on your freshly cleaned carpet in no time!

Why choose Fantastic Services as your carpet cleaning company in Fairfield?

We work with extremely professional and experienced cleaners that are also local service providers. They have been through extensive training to learn how to best use the machines and give useful advice to all our clients. They are also fully insured and vetted, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

The high-end equipment and the detergents used in the cleaning are included in your quote. You can combine the carpet cleaning with many different services as well, such as End of Lease Cleaning, One-Off Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, and more.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Carpet cleaning quotes from Fairfield:


1 Bedroom property

Fairfield Jul 15, 2020
I would like a cleaning for my rugs. There are 3 rugs in the living room.

Service: Rug cleaning


2 bedroom house

Fairfield Jul 6, 2020
Can you give me a quote for 2 bedroom carpets and 3 small rugs? Just need them cleaned and nothing more.

Service: Carpet cleaning


1 Bedroom property

Fairfield Feb 26, 2020
I want rug cleaning for one large rug and a single mattress.

Service: Rug cleaning + Mattress

Frequently Asked Questions

$95 $130 $200

Q: Can I book my cleaning for the weekend?

A: Of course. Our schedule is open during weekends and public holidays.

Q: Can I reschedule the service if needed?

A: Yes! You can do this online or by giving us a call on 1300 233 268.

Q: Is the dry cleaning good for removing stains?

A: Not really, which is why we recommend that you book the HWE method instead.

Q: Can I get a discount or something?

A: If you become a part of our Fantastic Club, you will get special perks, preferential rates, seasonal discounts and much more for a whole year! You can also save money by booking multiple services at once through one of our deals!

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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