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Carpet Cleaning

We can help with more than just carpet cleaning in Gladesville

Upholstery Cleaning

Looking to get your upholstered furniture cleaned by professionals? Look no further! Our team of experts has years of experience in the industry and knows exactly which cleaning products and methods to use on different types of furniture. We'll make sure your furniture is looking and smelling as fresh as new in no time.

End of tenancy cleaning

Looking to have a stress-free move-out and possibly get your rental deposit? Book our end of tenancy cleaning service. We'll make sure your rental property is deep cleaned and looking good as new - something your landlord will be sure to appreciate. With our high-quality results, you can rest assured that you'll get your deposit back without any issues.

Mattress Cleaning

Although most people think of their bed as a safe and clean place, the reality is that mattresses can harbour all kinds of unsanitary particles, including pet hairs, dead skin cells and even urine. Vacuuming can help to remove some of these particles, but it's not enough to ensure a truly clean and healthy mattress. That's why it's important to hire a professional to deep-clean your mattress on a regular basis. This way, they'll be able to clean the fibres of the mattress, making it sanitary once again.

One-off domestic cleaning

If you're looking for a professional and dedicated cleaning service for your home, then look no further than Fantastic Services. Our experienced domestic cleaners will deep clean your bathroom and kitchen, while our rug cleaners take care of all of your carpets. Your home will smell and look fresh and be perfectly sanitary, too.

How is the carpet cleaning in Gladesville performed?

Our carpet and rug cleaning is done with powerful hot water extraction machines.

Comprehensive inspection

During a carpet cleaning service, the technician will first inspect your carpets to determine what they are made of. It is important to identify the type of fabric so that the technician knows how to clean them best. Another key aspect is identifying any stains from food, drinks, or pet accidents. This way, the technician can target those areas specifically.


Carpets and rugs must be pretreated before the main cleaning procedure. The technician will vacuum-clean each item carefully, pretreating any existing stains and high-traffic areas. All stains will be treated with a target-specific stain removal detergent to loosen them up before the main cleaning procedure.

Hot water extraction

Hot water and carpet fabric detergent are injected deep between the carpet fibres of the carpeting using a special machine. This loosens all the dirt. A powerful suction attachment removes all the moisture, filth and about 95% of the moisture, leaving the carpets and rugs almost completely dry.

Post-cleaning treatments

There are several treatments that you can choose from to improve your carpet after the service. We recommend Scotchgard, which creates a barrier around the fibres and repels stains. If your carpet has absorbed unpleasant odours, we offer deodorizing services. You can also opt for sanitizing treatments when you're seeking the highest possible hygiene standards. Enjoy your clean carpet!

This is what makes our carpet cleaning services in Gladesville so great

Our goal is to exceed your expectations!

  • Better than steam cleaning - We use hot water extraction machines in order to provide you with the best possible deep carpet cleaning.
  • Trusty carpet cleaning experts - You can fully rely on the expertise of the Fantastic technicians. They know how to treat all types of carpets.
  • Great against household stains - Our equipment and methods do wonders against the most common household stains on carpets.
  • Eliminates odours - Say goodbye to the unpleasant lingering smells. Your carpeting will be thoroughly refreshed.
  • Convenient booking and top-notch customer service - We’ve made it easy for you to arrange your service online. Just enter your postcode and follow the steps. Whatsmore, our excellent customer service is always ready to help.
  • Fast-drying carpet cleaning treatments - Industrial quality carpet cleaning equipment removes more water in the cleaning process, so your carpet dries quickly.

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2500+ m²

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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Carpet cleaning quotes from Gladesville:


2 Bedroom property

Gladesville Sep 13, 2021
Hello, Can you give me a quote for two carpets and one small sofa? They are in two different rooms. What are the rates for same-day service? Thanks!

Service: Carpet and Upholstery


3 Bedroom house

Gladesville Feb 20, 2021
How much it would cost for a 3 bedroom carpet cleaning in Gladesville NSW? Also two smaller ones in the living room the hallway?

Service: Carpet cleaning


1 Bedroom property

Gladesville Sep 27, 2021
I need a quote for 2 carpets to be professionally cleaned. One is in the bedroom, one is in the living room. Do you clean commercial spaces?

Service: Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning Gladesville prices

$95 $135 $210

The average price of carpet cleaning in Gladesville is $135.

Oven cleaning is the most common service people combine with carpet cleaning in Gladesville.

The majority of people, who book professional steam carpet cleaning in Gladesville have 2-bedroom properties.

25% of the clients in Gladesville become members of the Fantastic Club.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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