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  • 100% environmentally friendly and safe cleaning methods
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Powerful carpet cleaning solutions

Your appointed carpet cleaning team will arrive for the service, bringing quality detergents, professional machines and tools to restore your carpet piece.

Enjoy your clean and fresh carpeting

After the technician is done with the carpet cleaning treatment, you’ll get to enjoy an odour- and stain-free floor covering.

What to expect from our carpet cleaning services in Hastings

Basically, we’ll send you a fully equipped carpet cleaning technician, who will take care of your floor covering on-site. They will thoroughly clean the piece from surface dust and dirt, using a powerful vacuum, and then will inspect it for stains and high-traffic marks. If any are present, the professional will pre-treat the rug with a special range of cleaning products. Once the technician has prepared your carpet, they will continue with the actual cleaning method.

Depending on the floor covering’s material, the professional will either dry clean the piece or us the hot water extraction method.

In the case of the first treatment, the cleaner will apply a low-moisture, powdered detergent, work it in the piece and then remove it, using a vacuum cleaner. The whole point of the procedure is to get your carpet as clean and as fresh as possible, without the risk of damage. This type of cleaning is most suitable for delicate and natural fibre pieces.

On the other hand, hot water extraction is perfect for synthetic and mixed fibre floor coverings. With this treatment, the professional uses a powerful hot water extraction machine to inject a mixture of detergent and water into the piece, which helps dislodge the dirt particles from the carpeting’s fibres. Then, with the same equipment, the professional removes the moisture, along with the soling, leaving the rug nearly dry. The end result is a stain-free, odour-free and allergen-free floor covering.

Why pick our carpet cleaning services for your property?

  • We work with trained, vetted, and experience carpet cleaning technicians
  • The professionals use industry-grade equipment and powerful cleaning products
  • All of the applied cleaning methods are 100% safe and environmentally friendly
  • We’ve included a FREE Scotchgard stain protection application in your service package
  • You’ve got the option to join our Fantastic Club and get an even better price for your carpet cleaning service

  • The benefits of having your carpet cleaned by an expert

  • You prolong the life of your carpeting
  • High-traffic marks and stains are removed
  • Funky smells become a thing of the past
  • The treatment destroys nasty allergens, bacteria and mould
  • The air quality in the property is tremendously improved
  • *Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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    Carpet cleaning service quote examples from Hastings


    3 Bedroom house

    Hastings Jun 8, 2020
    Can you give a quote for 5 big carpets and 1 rug?

    Service: Carpet cleaning


    2 Bedroom house

    Hastings Aug 13, 2020
    I have 3 carpets that need cleaning and I kind of need it soon. Please give a quote

    Service: Carpet cleaning


    5 Bedroom house

    Hastings Nov 8, 2020
    I have a one floor house and all carpets need cleaning. So if you could clean them all and give us a quote for it.

    Service: Carpet cleaning

    Frequently asked questions

    $90 $140 $250

    Q: When can I walk on my carpet?

    A: Generally, you can walk over the carpet once the professional has completed the service. In terms of drying time, it really does depend on the made of the rug and the thickness of the material. You can always ask the technician on-site for additional information regarding the cleaning procedure.

    Q: Are your services effective against stains?

    A: Both our dry cleaning and hot water extraction method include pre-treatment of your carpet with specialized stain removal detergents. However, the effectiveness of these products is tied with the type and age of the stain. Old and previously treated spots are harder to get rid of and sometimes their removal is even impossible.

    Q: Can I book a cleaner for a Sunday?

    A: Of course you can! Fantastic Services offers its clients Monday-to-Sunday service appointments. You can even book us on a bank holiday if you want!

    Q: How can I change the day of my appointment?

    A: It’s super easy. All you have to do is log into your Fantastic account and visit the dashboard section of the platform. From there, you can apply all kinds of changes to your bookings, including to reschedule your appointment.

    *Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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