Effective carpet cleaning treatment in Kilsyth performed with industrial-grade equipment

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  • Done by trained, vetted and verified carpet cleaning professionals
  • Top-notch equipment, cleaning detergents, and tools included
  • 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic methods safe for both your family and pets
  • A service that can be booked any day of the week, including on bank holidays
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Effective carpet cleaning methods

Your carpet cleaning will be performed by an extensively trained and vetted technician, who works with industry-grade hot water extraction machines, powerful detergents, and professional tools.

Examine the service results

You can expect only high-quality results after the professional is done with the cleaning service. If you wish to prolong the effect of the cleaning, you can request a FREE Scotchgard stain application.

How are our carpet cleaning services in Kilsyth are done

Fantastic Services has developed two cleaning methods, which are suitable for any type of carpet material you can imagine - our hot water extraction treatment and our dry cleaning method. Both of these services start off the same way - the professional thoroughly vacuums the floor covering to remove surface dirt, dust, crumbs, pet hair, etc. and then, after examining the piece, uses a range of specialized stain cleaning detergents to pre-treat the carpet. Once the professional has finished with the first stage of the cleaning, they’ll proceed to one of the two treatments.

Our hot water extraction treatment is most suitable for synthetic and mixed fibres carpet pieces. The treatment involves the use of a powerful wet vacuum that inserts a combination of cleaning products and water into the carpeting, loosing up the accumulated dirt in the piece. While the machine is doing that, a separate attachment removes the applied moisture, along with the dirt and dust particle, leaving the piece 95% dry. This method is perfect for heavily stained pieces that need a good deep cleaning.

The dry cleaning method we use is the perfect solution for carpeting made from more delicate materials. The idea behind the service is that the professional uses a gentle, low-moisture cleaning product to freshen up the piece, without the risk of damage. Like our other method, our dry cleaning service is environmentally friendly and 100% safe for your family and pets.

Here is why you should consider our carpet cleaning services in Kilsyth

  • All of the cleaning professionals we work with background checked, trained, vetted and certified
  • The carpet cleaning methods are performed with the use of industry-grade machines and high-quality detergents
  • Both our hot water extraction treatment and our dry cleaning solution are environmentally friendly and completely safe for your family and pets
  • Your service includes a FREE Scotchgard stain application, so you can enjoy the professional results for a longer period of time
  • You can actually get a better price for your professional carpeting cleaning in Kilsyth if you decide to become part of our Fantastic Club

  • The advantages of professional carpet cleaning

  • You ensure that your carpet will live a longer life
  • All nasty stains and old spots are removed from the piece
  • After the treatment, weird smells are gone for good
  • The service is good against allergens, bacteria and mould
  • You improve the indoor air quality of the property
  • *Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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    Some of the carpet cleaning quotes we’ve provided in Kilsyth


    Large house

    Kilsyth Jun 26, 2020
    Hello, can you give me a quote for 5 carpets? 4 of them are quite large and one is for the Hallway. It's on two storeys.

    Service: Carpet cleaning


    3 Bedroom house

    Kilsyth Feb 18, 2020
    My carpets are dirty and I need carpet cleaning. Total of 3 carpets.

    Service: Carpet cleaning


    3 Bedroom house

    Kilsyth Apr 24, 2020
    How about a quote for a 3 room carpet cleaning? That's all I need.

    Service: Carpet cleaning

    Frequently asked questions

    $85 $135 $245

    Q: How long will the carpet cleaning service take?

    A: The duration of the service highly depends on two factors - how big the piece is and what is the state of it. Typically, the cleaners need about 1 hour to treat a wall-to-wall floor covering in a single room and no more than 30 minutes to take care of a smaller piece.

    Q: Is your service effective against old stains?

    A: The success of the carpet cleaning treatment is based on both the age and type of stain. Older spots that you’ve tried to remove yourself are almost impossible to clean, however, the technicians will do everything possible to make sure that that doesn’t happen.

    Q: Can I make a weekend appointment?

    A: Of course you can! We, at Fantastic Services, have made sure that all of our clients can book a service for a day and time most convenient for their busy schedules, which includes having the option to get their carpet cleaned on a Sunday!

    Q: I want to reschedule - how can I do that?

    A: Just log into your Fantastic account, find your carpet cleaning booking in the dashboard section and apply the changes you want to - it’s that simple!

    *Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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