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Why clients choose Fantastic Services for carpet cleaning in Surry Hills

Using qualified carpet cleaners validates the manufacturer's warranty on your rug. You can also count on:

  • A fast response when you need it - Use the online platform to instantly arrange weekend appointments as well as weekday ones.
  • Carpet cleaning at your home or your business - The cleaners are certified to work as domestic or commercial carpet cleaners, so book for either.
  • Customised cleaning solutions - Choose dry cleaning for delicate pieces or carpet steam cleaning for deep-cleaning and stain removal.
  • Longer-lasting carpets - Carpet deep cleaning removes grit and destroys fungal spores or carpet beetles that can damage rugs.
  • Fast-drying carpet cleaning treatments - Industrial quality carpet cleaning equipment removes more water in the cleaning process, so your carpet dries quickly.
  • A healthier home or work environment - Carpet cleaning removes pollutants and destroys pathogens, so improves the air quality in the room.
Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaners in Surry Hills who use approved methods

Your carpet cleaner in Surry Hills is trained to work to a protocol that guarantees the best and most even result possible.


Before starting to clean the technician will move light furniture to gain access to as much of the floor area as they can. The cleaner will also check the composition of the carpet to see if dry or steam carpet cleaning is most suitable for your needs. They will also note stains or foot-worn areas which will require extra attention during the cleaning process.


The carpet is vacuumed to remove surface dirt and open the pile in preparation for cleaning. To promote an even result, stains, heavily soiled or compacted areas are pretreated with detergents or conditioners designed to loosen dirt or lift the pile.

The main clean

Delicate pieces which might be subject to colour run or shrinkage are cleaned using dry cleaning powder. This is worked into the rug using a machine with rotating brushes. The powder bonds to dirt and grease making them easier to extract by vacuuming cleaning. When deep cleaning is desired to remove ingrained dirt, lift stains, remove trapped pollutants and destroy pathogens the prefered cleaning method is hot water extraction (HWE). Hot water and detergent are injected into the carpet then removed along with the dirt.

Post cleaning treatments

There are several optional extra treatments. We do recommend the application of Scotchgard which coats fibres making the carpet stain-resistant and easier to vacuum clean. If tobacco, pet or other unsavoury odours have penetrated the carpet extra deodourising is available, You can also opt for a sanitising treatment when you're seeking the highest possible hygiene standards.

Combine carpet cleaning in Surry Hills with other cleaning services

Oven cleaning

Even as the carpet cleaners are working on your rugs, a professional oven cleaning technician can be working in your kitchen. They'll dismantle your cooker, soak all the removable parts in a dip-tank of eco-friendly detergents, hand-clean the main body, put everything back together and finish off with a final polish. You'll be left with an immaculate oven, that doesn't smoke, works more efficiently and delivers fresh-tasting dishes.

Mattress cleaning

Sweat and dead skin cells are absorbed into mattresses. Most people prefer not to think about this as there's a perception that mattresses are hard to clean. With the right equipment, most mattresses can be cleaned and sanitised. Give your bedroom a treat by combining mattress and carpet cleaning and you'll be rewarded with a clean and healthy space in which to enjoy sweet dreams and restorative slumber.

End of lease cleaning (EOL)

Tenants wanting to secure their cleaning deposits and landlords looking for a fast turnover both take advantage of the expert end of lease cleaning service. When the occupants move out, the cleaners come in, bringing all the cleaning materials and equipment they need. Every room is deep cleaned to prepare for reoccupation. If carpets are dirty, adding rug cleaning to EOL cleaning is the perfect finishing touch.

One-off domestic cleaning

When you don't want to invest in a regular domestic but do want to get a pro in to give your home some dedicated care and attention book the Fantastic Services one-off cleaning option. Get an experienced domestic to deep clean your bathroom and kitchen and dust, mop and polish throughout, while the rug cleaners take care of all of your carpets to gain a home that smells and looks fresh and is perfectly sanitary too.


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Quotes for our service in Surry Hills

2 Bedrooms

Surry Hills NSW Jan 12, 2022
Hi, I need a quote for carpet cleaning for 2 bedrooms.s The carpet is big and around the corner. Thank you!

Service: Carpet cleaning

Red wine stains

Surry Hills NSW Feb 12, 2022
I have a big red wine stain in the study. Two other small carpets need cleaning too. Can I get a quote?

Service: Carpet cleaning

6 Carpets cleaning

Surry Hills NSW Mar 2, 2022
Hello, I got 4 bedrooms and 2 other carpets. Need cleaning for all of them. How much would it cost? Thanks

Service: Carpet cleaning

How much does carpet cleaning in Surry Hills cost?

The average price of carpet cleaning in Surry Hills is $130.

Upholstery cleaning is the service most commonly booked with carpet cleaning.

The most common duration of a carpet cleaning service in Surry Hills is 1h 30m

Over 60% of our customers become members of the Fantastic Club.

95 130 400

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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