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Professional carpet cleaning extracts deep-seated dirt and extends your rug's lifespan.

  • All-inclusive price for vacuuming, pre-cleansing and cleaning
  • Cleaning customised to the composition of the carpet
  • Enhances the appearance of the room
  • Flexible appointment scheduling
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Cleaning carpets removes trapped pollutants and pathogens improving air quality and hygiene levels in your home.

What makes us a preferred choice for carpet cleaning in Windsor?

Quality and convenience make us a top choice when booking cleaners. Choose Fantastic Services for:

  • Fast and easy online booking - With the flexibility to make, manage, change and cancel bookings.
  • A one-stop-shop for all your property maintenance needs - Mix and match services as any when you need them. Certain combinations may also qualify you for discounted rates.
  • Trained and certified cleaners - All your services are fully insured, and just for added peace of mind cleaners are reference vetted for trustworthiness.
  • Transparent prices with no hidden extras - You'll always know exactly what's included in your quote before you make any commitment.
  • A better looking, healthier home - Clean carpets enhance the appearance of any home and removing pollutants from rugs improves air quality in the room.
  • Property maintenance for your business too! - Book a commercial carpet cleaner and other services for your business premises through Fantastic Services.
Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaners work through a series of steps designed to ensure an even final result.


Your carpet cleaner in Windsor will move light furniture out of the way and inspect the carpet. They'll check to see that the cleaning method you've requested is suitable and identify any problem areas that will need extra care during cleaning.


The carpet is vacuumed to open the pile and lift loose dirt. Stains are sprayed with a solution that will start to loosen them increasing the effectiveness of the main clean. Areas that are heavily soiled or compacted from heavy foot traffic are also pretreated so that the effects of past damage are minimised.

The main clean

This is completed using dry cleaning, if the piece is delicate, or through hot water extraction (sometimes called steam cleaning), when the rug or carpet is not at risk of shrinkage or colour run. When dry cleaning is selected, a dirt-attracting powder is worked into the carpet, allowed time to bond with grease or grime then vacuumed out. In the hot water extraction process, water and detergents are forced into the carpet using gentle pressure then extracted along with the dissolved dirt and pollutants. This method also destroys viruses, fungal spores or bacteria.

Post-cleaning treatments

There are three extra processes you can request to finish off your carpet cleaning treatment. Scotchgard application is recommended as this coats fibres making the carpet resistant to future spills and also making it easier to maintain with regular vacuum cleaning. Deodourising treatment may be indicated if you share your home with pets or if tobacco odours have penetrated the carpet. Extra sanitising is available if you're seeking an extra layer of protection against pathogens that can thrive in carpets.

A one-day cleaning blitz! Add carpet cleaning in Windsor to other services

One-off cleaning

While the carpet cleaners are busy in the bedroom and lounge get a domestic or team to care for some of your other cleaning chores. It's up to you to decide what you want done, the domestics will work hard to get as much of your list completed as is possible in the time you've booked. Get the bathroom deep cleaned and sanitised, or general dusting, mopping, wiping and polishing completed right through your home.

Oven cleaning

This sometimes dirty chore rarely ranks as a favourite task. Call in a specialist oven cleaner and they'll bring a dip-tank filled with non-toxic but effective detergents. While removable parts of the cooker are being soaked to lift grease the main body is cleaned by hand. Once everything is put back together you'll have an oven that works more efficiently and safely, and dishes cooked in the oven won't be tainted by the flavours of stale fats or burnt carbon.

Upholstery cleaning

Like carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning can be completed using steam or dry cleaning techniques. Your technicians can help you select the best option for your pieces. Since the two services use similar equipment, combining them is efficient and you may pay a reduced rate when they're done at the same time. Steam cleaning lifts stains, extracts deeply-seated dirt, destroys pathogens and removes allergens. Combining upholstery and carpet cleaning results in a home that looks smarter and is healthier to live in too.

End of lease cleaning (EOL)

Professional cleaners come to a tenanted property and deep clean it once has been vacated. EOL cleaning is completed to a checklist which includes sanitising the kitchen and bathroom, dusting and polishing throughout, mopping hard floors and vacuuming rugs and carpets. If the carpets are dirty or stained steam cleaning can be added to the standard package at a reduced rate.

2 bedrooms

most common unit

1h 30m

average job duration


of people also booked upholstery


unique properties cleaned

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Hi, I need cleaning services for my carpets. There are two of them and one walkthrough. How much will it cost?

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Six of my carpets need cleaning. Three of them are quite big. How much will you charge me? Thanks

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3 bedroom Property

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Hello, can you please give me a price quote for a carpet cleaning of 3 bedrooms? Thanks.

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How much does carpet cleaning in Windsor cost?

The average price for carpet cleaning in Windsor is $125

Over 65% of our customers become members of our Fantastic Club

The average duration of the carpet cleaning service in Windsor is 1h 30m

The most common service people book with carpet cleaning is upholstery cleaning

100 125 435

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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